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BMW 750LI. Engine Pinging Problem When Accelerating. I Have Taken My 2008 Bmw 750li To The Bmw Service Center 3 Times For Engine Pinging Problem During Acceleration With Negative Results....One of the most well liked luxurious vehicles made, the 2006 BMW 750Li comes with same old ABS, 3.0 Liter/310 horsepower engine and direct injection Only a BMW broker (or any person provided with the correct diagnostics device) can diagnose ABS-module similar problems. You cannot turn off a ABS gentle...Now accepting reinforce and donation to my channel. accepting: non-public take a look at, industry test, money orders, reward playing cards, items, tools, shop articles, etc,..The 2008 BMW 750LI was the closing yr of the Bangle Butt styling. The long wheel base 750 is full of comfort, gadgets and era, however do not let that fool you, there's lots of power below the hood! Performance and gas economy is fantastic for the sort of long vehicle. BMW is really without equal riding...Check out this 2008 BMW 750li 10 years later. Lets see how smartly the condition has held up through the years. 2011 BMW 750Li N63 engineFull walkthrought inspection commonplace problems.

How do you fix 2008 BMW 750li abs module? - Answers

Do you face problems with a BMW 750Li? Does your BMW 750Li smoke when idle? Do you own a BMW 750Li and have problems with it smoking when idle? Or does it make a ticking sound on starting? Though it is regarded as to be powerful and comfy, identical to each automobile, it would face...The BMW 750Li costs $416 on average to care for once a year. Oil changes is also probably the most frequent service every automotive needs, however the following services and products BMW 750Li Repair & Maintenance Estimates. Over 600,000 car repair estimates supplied since 2012.This video presentations easy methods to repair minor oil leaks in a 2007 BMW 750Li 4.8L V8 the usage of prevent leak. Extremely low oil ranges can severely damage your 2007 BMW 750Li 4.8L V8's engine.There is not any need to overpay for professional chevrolet repair. The first of 2 scheduled services as decided through the 535is onboard laptop and covered by bmws scheduled maintenance program came in fall 2010 at kind of 19000 miles. Download Image.

How do you fix 2008 BMW 750li abs module? - Answers

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Contributor. 11 Answers. Re: 2008 bmw 750li the trunk not... There is a valet switch in he middle console and make sure it is switched on so it's going to open. Does it open from trunk transfer at the trunk or from the handbook key cylindr in the trunk deck lid?Get data and pricing concerning the 2008 BMW 750Li, read reviews and articles, and in finding inventory close to you. In the 2002-2008 BMW 7 Series, standing and style join forces with hobby and power to create a luxur...Hello in search of some recommendation, this is my 4th BMW by no means really had any problems with any of them until this 2008 750li. I did buy this one used 1 yr in the past with 67,000 miles on it, from a broker in Boardman OH, pulling the carfax and all history from BMW the car did not display any problems, so I bought...The BMW 750Li is continuously thought of as one of the most best luxury sedans available on the market, and even earlier BMW 7 Series models are A 2014 BMW 750Li Review, Rolls Royce for $20000? Well, the Ghost is based off the BMW 7 series and this particular BMW 750liFirst Place: BMW 750Li. View Photos. JEFF ALLEN Car and Driver. In its remaining comparo appearance, the 750Li no longer simplest neglected the winner's circle—in itself a rarity for a BMW in C/D showdowns—it finished wanting runner-up honors, too, putting third behind an Audi A8L and infrequently ahead of a Jaguar.

2009 BMW 750Li vs. 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550

From the May 2009 factor of Car and Driver.

So you needed to say good-bye to the Gulfstream, the corporate retreat in the Napa Valley, and your customized wastebasket—the decoupage process trimmed with pages from a Gutenberg Bible. Times are laborious, and it simply received’t do to be perceived as excessively self-indulgent—especially if you’re excessive up in the echelons of a publicly held company.

The new corporate Puritanism extends to automobiles, too, but on this space you have just a little extra latitude. Consider those two execucruisers. Yes, they’re flagship sedans with status brand names. But even in an age of austerity, best professionals are still allowed some personal-transportation indulgence. You don’t wish to be flaunting it with a Bentley, in fact. But they don’t be expecting you to pressure an econocube, either. We admit that greenies received’t approve. Both vehicles lift gas-guzzler taxes, and their mpg all the way through our check—17 for the Mercedes, 16 for the BMW—is pickup-truck deficient. And yes, pricing for both automobiles is just a little high for public approval—greater than ,000 base, neatly over One hundred large as examined—but who is aware of that?

See, that’s the good phase. To informal observers—no longer you or us, after all—one BMW sedan seems lovely similar to another. That is going for Mercedes sedans, too, with the added benefit of looking like a Hyundai—despite the fact that we’re lovely positive nobody in Stuttgart perceives any benefit in this.

JEFF ALLEN Car and Driver

So, elegantly subliminal and no longer too likely to draw a lot of invidious attention. With automobiles bearing value tags like these, you are expecting more than understated grandeur. You be expecting energy. Comfort. Upscale interior appointments. Technical sophistication. Dynamic competence. Even evening vision.

Check. Both cars ship on these expectations, and neither is prone to disappoint its owner. But in fact there are distinctions, and in at least one category, the honour isn’t specifically refined.

There are different high-end sedans that meet our (fairly) low-profile criteria—the Audi A8L, the Maserati Quattroporte, the Jaguar XJ Super V-8, and the Lexus LS460L, or even the LS600hL hybrid, which provides a greenish tint for your comings and goings. But we confine ourselves here to the Bimmer and the Benz, the previous because it’s new, the latter as it prevailed in our most recent comparison of long-wheelbase luxosedans [“Chauffeur Showdown,” January 2007]. Here’s how the games played out.

Second Place: Mercedes-Benz S550

JEFF ALLEN Car and Driver

In 2007, we judged the S550’s mix of bridge-girder solidity, advanced generation, pulse-raising performance, prominent inside, quiet operation, and all-day comfort to be tops in this category—and depending at the proprietor’s driving priorities, that judgment remains to be defensible. Okay, the steering doesn’t deliver a lot knowledge, particularly on center. We didn’t succeed in test-crew unanimity at the lively front-seat facet bolsters—particular love-hate polarity there—and the ones front fender flares are nonetheless an bought style: just a little an excessive amount of Mazda RX-Eight for some.

HIGHS: Gorgeous interior, terrific transmission, brisk throttle reaction, lovely V-8 noises.LOWS: Absence of on-center steerage really feel, resolute understeer, RX-8-like entrance fender flares.

But the ones are minor asterisks. On serpentine roads there’s not truly a lot to pick between the steering programs of the Benz and the Bimmer, a minimum of on the subject of really feel. You can shut off the automobile bolsters—or chorus from ordering them—and styling that doesn’t provoke a little bit controversy isn’t worthy of the name. As a long way as that goes, Mercedes styling has impressed a variety of competing designers through the years, most recently from Korea.

JEFF ALLEN Car and Driver

Like the BMW, the S550 is a huge vehicle with rear-seat area worthy of a stretch limo (suitable for having your self chauffeured—politically wrong, regardless that exceptions are made for parking-hostile burgs equivalent to Manhattan). Also just like the BMW, the Benz’s center rear seat isn’t a place we’d care to perch for lengthy. There are, of course, the standard chocolates available: video monitors set into the backs of the front-seat headrests, rear-seat local weather controls, and an influence supply for laptops. It’s quiet again there, too, though no longer as quiet inside of as the BMW, whose hushed interior rivals Lexus LS sedans.

One house where the big Benz still holds an edge is the entire glance of the inner. The new 7-series is stepped forward in this regard. But the easy design of the Benz’s saddle-tan inside, augmented at evening through soft ambient lighting fixtures, is the height of automobile good taste.

Incidentally, Mercedes is making plans some S-class updates for 2010, together with a front-end face lift with LED running lights (lowering the Hyundai similarity), multihued inside lights, a new variable-ratio steering option, and a hybrid version, the S400.

JEFF ALLEN Car and Driver

So what saved the S550 from the highest step at the podium? Dynamics. The Mercedes was once virtually as fast as the more powerful (and heavier) BMW—5.Three seconds to 60 mph as opposed to 5.2—and its midrange throttle reaction was a smidge better, the advantage of its seven-speed automated and its naturally aspirated V-8 versus a turbo engine. And its exhaust notice, despite the fact that subdued, was once distinctly extra pleasing. The Benz stopped nearly as neatly, too: 173 feet from 70 mph as opposed to 171, fade-free. Adaptive damping and lively body management saved cornering attitudes flat, with no trace of compromise in journey high quality. And straight-line high-speed steadiness used to be above reproach.

THE VERDICT: Still a main executive express.

But in our favourite sport—back-road pursuit, no speed restrict—revolutionary understeer limited the S550’s cornering speeds, and it couldn’t rather keep tempo. One logbook observation summed it up: “The Benz is competent. The BMW is compelling. The Benz is willing. The BMW is eager.”

First Place: BMW 750Li

JEFF ALLEN Car and Driver

In its remaining comparo appearance, the 750Li now not only overlooked the winner’s circle—in itself a rarity for a BMW in C/D showdowns—it finished short of runner-up honors, too, putting third in the back of an Audi A8L and barely ahead of a Jaguar. Wow. What’s up with that?

In order of scoring magnitude, the offending parts had been ergonomics (learn: iDrive), exterior styling, interior styling, and, shockingly, fit and finish.

HIGHS: Robust power, exceptional high-speed reflexes and composure, serene interior.LOWS: SUV curb weight, hints of turbo lag, gas-gobbler at high speeds, no side-mirror flip alerts.

That was generation four in a family that dates to 1978. Here’s era five, which no longer most effective addresses our gen-four demerits but provides some techno goodies that actually support the car’s protection index, in addition to its fundamental BMW virtues—athletic reflexes in particular. The dreaded iDrive secondary-control collective has been overhauled and augmented with some auxiliary buttons that make it way more navigable, even to the group of workers’s card-carrying Luddite. The slab sides and “Bangle butt” that made the previous 7 exhausting to like were replaced by means of robust horizontal persona traces and a going-away view that’s still BMW but extra cohesive—enhanced by means of clusters of LED flip indicators, entrance and rear.


Inside, the BMW’s entrance seats get the threshold for convenience and toughen, the non-compulsory head-up show (00) is a plus, and the night-vision device with pedestrian detection (00) is outstanding. There were a couple of other extras in our loaded examine vehicle—a ceramic shifter (0) and the 00 Luxury Seating package (heated wheel, energy rear sunshade, rear side-window sunshades, ventilated front-seat upholstery, driver-seat massage, heated rear seats)—that wouldn’t be missed if overlooked.

But having experienced the Sport package deal—it contains energetic roll stabilization, 19-inch wheels wearing Goodyear Excellence run-flats (245/45 front, 275/40 rear), and BMW’s newest variable-ratio Integral Active Steering system that now contains speed-sensitive rear steering—we’d hate to go away house with out it, even supposing it’s the priciest option price tag on the checklist at 00. More on this in a minute.

JEFF ALLEN Car and Driver

This is a larger vehicle than the fourth-generation 750Li, which was once a long way from petite. The wheelbase has grown from 123.2 to 126.Four inches, the monitor is wider, and total length is up 1.Four inches, to 205.3. That’s a little bigger than the Benz. The only bigger automobile in this segment is Jaguar’s Super V-8, however the aluminum-intensive Jag scales in much lighter. The new 750Li is heavier than its 2007 predecessor—4760 kilos as opposed to 4600. Heavier than the Benz, too.

Getting all that mass moving requires carrier-takeoff thrust, provided through a twin-turbo, 4.4-liter V-8—a little more horsepower than the previous naturally aspirated 4.8-liter V-8 (400 versus 360) and much more torque (450 pound-feet versus 360). That’s sufficient to provide 0-to-60 sprints in 5.2 seconds, and if there’s a hint of turbo lag, it’s only by contrast to the immediacy of the Benz V-8.

JEFF ALLEN Car and Driver

More impressive, although, is what this large Bimmer can do on a fast again avenue. The combination of a new multilink front suspension (replacing the former struts), a redesigned rear suspension, electronically controlled damping with 4 driver presets (convenience, customary, sport, and sport plus), active roll stabilization, and rear-wheel guidance provides this car a degree of cornering power and temporary response that’s not anything wanting extra special.

Though grip is simple at 0.82 g, the steering gadget, which turns the rear wheels in the same path because the fronts (as much as three degrees) at speeds over 37 mph, enhances turn-in. This is reflected within the lane-change examine, where the Bimmer had a decided edge, and was once much more dramatic on mountain roads. The faster we went, the simpler the BMW carried out and the extra confidence it impressed.

THE VERDICT: An understated, high-tech CEO sedan with sports-car soul.

Is this sort of driving vital to many of the professionals who shop the automobiles on this value realm? Probably now not. But it will have to be.

Afraid of the Dark?

Big, expensive sedans such as the 7-series and the S-class have night-vision options, but they go about helping drivers see higher at the hours of darkness in several ways.

BMW’s night-visibility gadget uses a thermal-imaging digital camera fastened within the entrance bumper. The heat given off by warmblooded humans and animals that can be up the road, or on the facet of it, presentations up as bright spots on the display (the dashboard iDrive display). This is supplemented by a brand new pedestrian-detection device that highlights potential hazards on the screen with vivid yellow triangles and sounds audible warnings.

BMW Night Vision


Mercedes-Benz uses a near-infrared digital camera, which requires a different set of lighting in the headlamp cluster, to supply an eerily luminous image on the identical software screen that incorporates the speedometer, so it’s proper ahead of the motive force’s eyes where it’s best possible to look. The picture is sharp, and the camera can see farther than the human eye. Still, it could be higher had been there some roughly flashing warning at the hindrances.

In a not up to preferrred location, the BMW night-vision display—and the peculiar heat-based image—takes some getting used to, however the pedestrian detection works and is an evident safety bonus. The BMW device seems to illuminate extra of the panorama. That yellow caution triangle also will appear on the windshield of a BMW equipped with an optional head-up display.

Mercedes-Benz Night View Assist


You can’t power both car by means of just staring at the night-vision monitors—the techniques are dietary supplements to the headlights and the motive force’s eyesight. The costs don't seem to be outrageous in those already expensive vehicles: 00 in the 750Li and part of the 90 Premium Three package deal in the S550. —Michael Austin

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