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Akatsuki Profile








Senior Engineer of the Imperial Japan and Gesellschaft Army (previously)



Akatsuki (アカツキ)Present Day Thunder God (現世 (げんせ)の雷神 (らいじん), Gense no Raijin)Experiment 1

Battle Style

Tactical Gears:

Blitz Motor - Proto-1


Taktischeblitzanzug - Proto-1Imperial Karate

Voice Acting

Japanese Voice:

Shinobu Matsumoto

English Voice:

Kaiji Tang

Akatsuki is without doubt one of the two titular protagonists of the series. He is the unique protagonist of his titular games (Akatsuki Prototyp Nr. 1 and its retitle/replace Akatsuki Blitzkampf (Ausf. Achse)), and probably the most first 5 characters made for the collection. He is the Imperial Japan’s super soldier of Agarthan descent, and a former Gesellschaft member.

Akatsuki is a smartly constructed guy with short indigo hair and black eyes. Due to being powered through Blitz Motor, Akatsuki would glow purple pupils when one of his eyes shrouded completely via shadows.

His apparel is a conventional Japanese military outfit that is composed of a white, long sleeved buttoned coat, black pants, and black leather-based footwear with black gloves. Underneath this, Akatsuki wears a complete frame rubber go well with referred to as Taktischeblitzanzug. He can on occasion be seen dressed in a long black cloak, discarding it ahead of getting into fight.

Akatsuki is a peaceful and stoic young guy who prioritizes his challenge above the rest. He is critical more often than not and will not grasp again whenever somebody stands in his approach, irrespective of age or intercourse. But despite that, he respects his foes enough to pray that they are going to go paths on friendly terms should they meet again. Akatsuki likes coaching, and as such prepares himself for no matter risks may come his manner.

He likes vintage Japanese culture, and also speaks in an excessively old skool manner by way of his pronoun usage.

Past[edit | edit supply]

Akatsuki was as soon as an ally to Akatsuki Zero, Dr. Fritz, Adler and Dr. Mycale all the way through World War II, finding the Agarthan civilization and ended in the advent of a powerful engine referred to as the Blitz Motor. He volunteered for the tremendous soldier program, which might combine the Blitz Motor and his suit Taktischeblitzanzug, changing into a high class technical officer. Akatsuki's a hit transformation into a perfect soldier confirms he's a descendant the Agarthan civilization. With his four allies, they shaped a company referred to as Gesellschaft. Even after the battle ended at 1945, Gesellschaft remain energetic secretly, and Akatsuki used to be tasked for other vital engineering duties for the group.

His remaining undertaking used to be to transport the Blitz Motor to allied international locations at 195X AD. In case the Blitz Motor fell into enemies’ arms, Akatsuki was tasked with destroying the mass produced motors and not using a lines left behind of their lifestyles. However, his submarine send used to be sabotaged from the beginning, supposedly killing Akatsuki in the Arctic Ocean. In fact, Akatsuki survived via the usage of a Hibernation Control Unit to froze himself and save his life from explosions for the following fifty years.

The person who sabotaged his ship was once none rather than Akatsuki Zero, out of concern of Akatsuki's energy and ancestry will surpass those of gods.

Akatsuki Prototyp Nr. 1/Blitzkampf (Ausf. Achse)[edit | edit supply]

Fifty years later in 266X BC/200X AD, Akatsuki aroused from sleep from his hibernation, having seemingly now not elderly an afternoon. After his awakening, he returned to his hometown to find the surroundings had grow to be all too unfamiliar. Realizing the eight recognized Blitz Motor had indeed fallen into enemies’ fingers (the now compromised Gessellschaft) and still exist in the new world he now inhabited, he begins to carry out his remaining mission to destroy them.

Arcade Story[edit | edit source]

Ending Description: Having had learnt the stories from his combating in opposition to Adler and his Elektrosoldats, Akatsuki explains the side-effects of a Model 6X Blitz Motor to a demise Murakumo, such because the white hair is the signal of the lifespan’s side-effects. Akatsuki rejects Murakumo’s hypocrisy about people being both machines or gods. Before he left with none traces, it's conceivable that he’s the person who unknowingly freed En-Eins. As Gesellschaft base collapsed after Akatsuki’s departure, the arena’s government analysis groups were dispatched to analyze, they could not in finding anything else about what happened.

En-Eins Perfektewelt[edit | edit source]

Unbeknownst to Akatsuki, nor his remaining allies and the governments, Gesellschaft’s true originator, New Orders of Knights Templar, led by means of Mycale (now possessing the body of Anonym Merel Lambuth and in her "true" Perfecti "form") download all its last property ahead of the said Tibetan base was once collapsed and making ready to begin a battle on humanity for several years later in 20XX AD. Once the New Orders publicly declare a warfare a number of months later during 20XX AD, Akatsuki joins the opposing force towards the terrorist while he was once at the project. Due to being a descendant of the Agarthan civilization, Akatsuki is among the terrorist's priority objectives. Using a chance as a prime target of the 15 May Organization, Akatsuki is with reference to re-uncover the supply of Blitz technology energy source and completely smash it from having Blitz Motor productions mass produced.

Arcade Story[edit | edit supply]

Ending Description: After defeating each Mycale and Valkyria, Akatsuki get ready to wreck the pre-historic assets at the back of cloning and the Blitz Motor, the strains of Agarthan civilizations. Once the duty is complete, he vanish somewhere as soon as again, as the bursting magma rose turning the sky red.

See: Akatsuki/Gameplay

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late ([st]/[cl-r])[edit | edit supply]

See his visitor look's page

Akatsuki is a playable visitor personality, appearing in Under Night In-Birth starting from the Exe:Late update.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle[edit | edit source]

See his crossover look's page

Akatsuki is among the first characters representing his house series to look within the crossover BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle alongside Blitztank, ranging from the 2.Zero update.

Akatsuki, Da Wei Ye Lue and Murakumo all proportion the similar voice actor in Japanese, Shinobu Matsumoto. He is without doubt one of the two characters to retain their original dress colors in all appearances, the other one being Wei. Akatsuki himself is closely inspired from the most important three superheroes of Marvel Comics’ Avengers: Captain America (frozen on ice, and being a Weapon I tremendous soldier), Iron Man (Blitz Motor tech utilization), and Thor Odinson (God of Thunder moniker, and paradoxically, his Cross Tag Battle super move (also his EN1PW’s 5CC move) Thunderbolt). He has the colour palettes of Murakumo's Akatsuki Blitzkampf color (Living God) and En-Eins' color (Neve Tempo) in Under Night In-Birth. In BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, he has the color palette of Faust's vintage look from the Guilty Gear collection (from X - Xrd) as a connection with Akatsuki's English voice actor, who had voiced Faust in Xrd.

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