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However, Jason Momoa, who has now donned the nature of Aquaman in the Justice League movie, was now not all the time this good-looking, brooding hunk. The famous minimize at the eyebrow hadn't made itsGame of Thrones and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa is widely known for his insanely just right seems to be and his dedication towards his family.Anybody who has taken a excellent have a look at him has spotted his very pronounced eyebrow scar (that is proper, the person who makes it resemble he's repeatedly kind of smiling at you while likewise radiating a detestable scoundrel vibe).Here's a amusing truth about eyebrow slits: Jason Momoa, the actor maximum known for having an eyebrow slit and for enjoying Khal Drogo in the popular HBO collection Game of Thrones, were given his eyebrow slit not as a result of he thought it appeared cool. In 2008, Momoa were given right into a bar battle and was hit in the eye with a pint glass. The glass shattered, which ended upThe reward that assists in keeping on giving: These footage of Jason Momoa through the years are a gift to us all at the actor's 41st birthday August 1. His eyebrow recreation as also at all times been on point.If you've gotten been following Jason Momoa for a while now, you are most probably wondering the place that eyebrow scar got here from. He did not have it when he was doing television shows in his more youthful years, shows like Baywatch Hawaii and North Shore.

The story behind Jason Momoa's eyebrow scar

Here's What Happened To Jason Mamoa's Eyebrow Fans are passionate about nearly each and every facet of life; then again, what ceaselessly intrigues other people the most about Jason Momoa is his facial scar. By Rio Published May 15, 2020Momoa's got the gnarly eyebrow scar (resultant of a pint glass being thrown at his face in a bar... and a hundred and forty subsequent stitches), and, sure, it makes him look the entire extra badass, however understand that...Former Game of Thrones star (RIP, Khal Drogo) Jason Momoa has a large scar throughout his eye and the tale at the back of it's brutal. The actor needed to get one hundred forty stitches once you have hit within the face at a bar.Jason Momoa's Trademark Eyebrow Scar Has A Violent And Bloody Story Behind It Watch enough movies, presentations and late evening display appearances featuring everyone's favourite Hawaiian strongman, and you'll...

The story behind Jason Momoa's eyebrow scar

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Although nowadays is all about Jason Momoa's height, weight, and frame measurements, we will take some time to get to grasp the man in the back of the hunk. He was born Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa on August 1, 1979. Jason has an interesting racial cocktail, his father is of Hawaiian beginning and his mom is of German, Irish and Native American origin.The Story Behind Jason Momoa's Sexy Eyebrow Scar Is Actually Really Scary. June 4, 2017 through Caitlin Gallagher. 263 Shares We could sit right here all day and discuss how attractive Jason Momoa is (HisWe after all discovered how Jason Momoa got THAT (very real) Khal Drogo eyebrow scar We in the end discovered how Jason Momoa were given THAT (very real) Khal Drogo eyebrow scar If you're a Game of Thrones fan,...Just just like the Joker, there is a story behind Jason Momoa's famous left eyebrow scar. Unfortunately, that tale boils right down to a bar fight - or an "altercation" as his other folks have called it. Jason was once all in favour of mentioned altercation at a bar in LA. Another bar patron smashed a tumbler across Jason's face. Jason needed to get a hundred and forty stitches and was left withIn this early pic of Jason Momoa, there may be very little to identify him as the Hollywood hunk he would develop into many years later. At but, at 2d glance, his eyebrows and expression have carried through from this teenager all of the option to the person that Game of Thrones and Aquaman fans love as of late. 19 Hawaiian Kid

Let’s Take A Look At Jason Momoa’s Transformation Over The Years

Jason Momoa burst onto the celebrity-gossip scene after appearing as Khal Drogo on what would become some of the talked-about shows of all time, Game of Thrones. But that position got here after years of bit parts as Momoa developed into the bearded, long-haired ruffian that audiences came to know and love.

Momoa clearly celebrates his Hawaiian heritage, though he used to be additionally raised for enormous sessions of time in Iowa. Still, it was in Hawaii whilst running at a surf shop that he used to be discovered and started his modeling occupation, then responded a casting name to look on Baywatch Hawaii.

The remainder of his lifestyles has turn out to be slightly public, particularly after landing a task in the DC Cinematic Universe playing Aquaman. But Momoa has long past thru major adjustments during his existence and occupation, so let's go back in time and try 20 pics that display his transformation over the years.

20 Youngster

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In this early pic of Jason Momoa, there's little or no to spot him as the Hollywood hunk he would turn into a few years later. At yet, at 2d glance, his eyebrows and expression have carried via from this teenager the entire way to the man that Game of Thrones and Aquaman lovers love as of late.

19 Hawaiian Kid

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This younger man seems directly out of Hawaii, entire with beaded necklace and blonde pointers. This might be a kind of clean-cut phases that each youngster goes via, though Momoa would obviously develop into extra of a grunge and steampunk-informed more or less man later in lifestyles. For someone hoping to get as buff as Khal Drogo in the future, simply glance how skinny Momoa began out!

18 Modeling Shots

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Before Momoa changed into famous as an actor, he was once noticed through fashion designers Eric Chandler and Takeo Kobayashi. Despite being much slimmer than the swords-and-sandals beefcake he'd evolve into later in lifestyles, Momoa clearly had his physique well on its way through 1998, when he used to be only 19 years outdated.

17 Grown Up

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Jason Momoa's career began with modeling, though he temporarily transitioned to appearing in the TV by-product Baywatch Hawaii. That stint ran from 1999 to 2001 and established Momoa as a brooding babe magnet with a buff body. Baywatch Hawaii would move on to be the closing seasons of Baywatch ever filmed, and was in large part produced as a result of incentives equipped to film in Hawaii.

16 More Modeling

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At some level in every movie star's occupation, a bad photographer or videographer catches them in an excessively embarrassing situation. Case in level can be this model shot of Jason Momoa, which appears find it irresistible may well be photoshopped onto the quilt of a romance novel or possibly used as an commercial for natural male enhancement.

15 On The Way

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At this level in his lifestyles, Jason Momoa has totally embraced his typecast more or less grungy lifestyle. Though his look would change over the years, this dreadlock-wearing Momoa is obviously the inspiration for his later roles. Momoa wore dreads all through the filming of Stargate Atlantis, so there's a good chance this photo comes from round 2005-2009.

14 Cornrows, Though?

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In nowadays's extremely reactionary culture, Momoa may get criticized for sporting cornrows. However, again in the early-to-mid-2000s, when this photo seems adore it was once taken, he would were ready to walk round without being concerned that individuals on their cell phones would snap pics or, as a result of he used to be pre-famous at this point, the paparazzi being interested, as well.

13 Growing Up

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For a man like Jason Momoa, who spent a couple of years with a bit of of a youngish face that didn't slightly fit his stature and muscling, growing a goatee was once most certainly a good idea. Also on display in this pic is the type of taste that he'd continue to inhabit for years. Draping scarves and jewellery over repurposed fancy garments has turn into his modus operandi.

12 Fun Times

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Here, Momoa has begun to position on probably the most weight that he'd later want for roles like Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, Conan in Conan the Barbarian, and in Aquaman. But he's wiped clean up his face just a little, revealing the fun-loving guy beneath all the dreads and facial hair.

11 Wifed Up

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Here, Momoa stands with (or dips his head down in opposition to) his wife, Lisa Bonet. Bonet and Momoa have been married in 2007, though their courting was once no longer publicly announced until 2017. Bonet is known for being on The Cosby Show and for an appearance in Angel Heart reverse Mickey Rourke, as well as for being Zoe Kravitz's mom (Lenny Kravitz and Bonet eloped in 1987).

10 Family Man

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In this picture, Jason Momoa has evolved into the full-fledged Khal Drogo and Aquaman style that he's recognized for. Seeing the big, shaggy man with his circle of relatives— especially his son, who has obviously embraced the long-hair glance— at a crimson carpet photo-op serves as a reminder that folks can exchange for the simpler.

9 The Look

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In this pic, Momoa has long gone a little bit clean-shaven— but not entirely. He's were given that look on his face that unearths he knows he is a celebrity. And he's, after rising post-Game of Thrones right into a cast string of roles that experience, in many ways, been continuations of Khal Drogo. But nobody does it higher!

8 Pretty In Pink

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Momoa towers over his wife, Lisa Bonet, in a crimson tuxedo ensemble, despite the fact that he obviously cannot button the top few buttons around his thick neck. Plus, last up the blouse would prevent his same old collection of necklaces and other pieces of aptitude from appearing. He's like a wild beast pretending to be tamed.

7 The Man

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This image of Jason Momoa was once taken at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, where he celebrated in advance of the December free up of his DC Cinematic Universe film, Aquaman. Momoa became the clear choice to play Aquaman as soon as the nature developed right into a shaggy islander— however did Adrian Grenier, who played Vince on Entourage, get a chance to audition?

6 Healthy Life

by way of Men's Journal

Jason Momoa lives a existence that few can dream of, having split time between Iowa in his formative years and Hawaii, and over that point, he fell in love with a lot of his present passions. He's a real outdoorsy guy, even while dwelling in Los Angeles, or even has a vegetable lawn on his property, as mentioned by way of Men's Journal.

5 Dad Bod

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Momoa could be identified for his muscle-man roles, but everybody has to take some time off paintings one day, as evidenced right here. The dude was criticized online for letting his body flounder to the point the place he had developed slightly of a "dad bod" that stood in contrast to his on-screen appearance.

4 Cat Lover

by means of Esquire

If there is any method to ensure that everyone on-line will love you, it's by means of posing with lovely pets. Of direction, everyone pretty much already loves Jason Momoa after his position on Game of Thrones, however good day, why now not put that love on lockdown? Here, his locks flowing and his white swimsuit glistening, he holds a totally freaked-out black cat.

3 Khal In The City

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One of the major issues that actors struggle with as they get famous facilities round public belief. The downside is doubled after they get utterly typecast, because the public only sees them on-screen as the same more or less individual again and again. Momoa may just almost certainly do himself a choose through going out in public having a look more clean-cut, since it could support his probabilities of touchdown other roles, however he nonetheless appears fun as a modern Khal within the town.

2 Same, Same

via Entertainment Weekly

Momoa's most up-to-date paintings, lately being marketed ad nauseam for streaming on  Apple TV+, is named See. The show follows two youngsters who have been born being able to see, which the remainder of humanity has misplaced. Momoa's persona is any other shaggy, tribalistic leader— putting him proper again into the thread of his typecasting.

1 Elvis, Baby

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On tv, Jason Momoa's characters have not too long ago been violent, rampaging savages with a touch of tenderness and philosophy to back up their bodily acts. But in actual life, the person turns out more like a fun-loving comedian than anything else. This closing Halloween, he seemed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show dressed up as Elvis.

Sources: Men's Journal, IMDb, and Wikipedia.

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