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Nickelodeon 13272 Funko Pop Television South Park Professor Chaos Figure, 3.75", MulticolorNickelodeon Movies and Klasky Csupo South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut: June 30, 1999: Comedy Central Films, Scott Rudin Productions and Warner Bros. Pictures Rugrats in Paris: The Movie: November 17, 2000: Nickelodeon Movies and Klasky Csupo Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: December 21, 2001: Nickelodeon Movies, O Entertainment and DNA ProductionsThe animation youngsters's series first premiered on Nickelodeon in 1999 and is lately in its 13th season. The sequence revolves around its identify personality who lives in Bikini Bottom and works as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab.Nickelodeon South Park Inflatable Cartman Costume product main points: Inflatable jumpsuit Attached battery-operated fan; Rear zipper closure; Does not include shoes; Fits maximum as much as 52in chest and 6'0" height; Officially approved Nickelodeon gown.

WI: South park has aired on Nickelodeon instead of Comedy

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The Ren & Stimpy Show | Nickelodeon

The Ren & Stimpy Show


Off-color humor Comedy Slapstick Teen

Created via:

John Kricfalusi

Country of origin:

United States

Running time:

approx. 0:22 mins (0:11 according to episode)

Rating: Original run

August 11, 1991 – October 20, 1996

The Ren & Stimpy Show, often simply referred to as Ren & Stimpy, is animated tv series created by Canadian animator John Kricfalusi for Nickelodeon. The sequence makes a speciality of the titular characters - Ren Höek, a psychotic chihuahua, and Stimpy J. Cat, a good-natured, but dimwitted cat. The display officially premiered on August 11, 1991, along Doug and Rugrats, the three of which comprised the primary Nicktoons. The show ran for 5 seasons on the community, ending its authentic run with the Christmas episode "A Scooter for Yaksmas".

The display was rated TV-Y7 on Nickelodeon and NickToons, TV-PG on MTV, MTV2, and Spike TV, and TV-G on TeenNick.

Throughout its run, The Ren & Stimpy Show was debatable for its off-color humor, black comedy, toilet humor, sexual innuendo, and violence, all of which contributed to the manufacturing personnel's altercations with Nickelodeon's Standards and Practices division. The show has received top essential acclaim and become a big cult vintage right through and after its run, while some critics credit it for main the best way for satirical animated displays like Beavis and Butt-Head and South Park, and enjoying a significant function in tv animation. A spin-off for adult audiences, Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon", aired in 2003 on Spike TV, however used to be poorly gained and cancelled quickly after its debut.

On August 5, 2020, fellow ViacomCBS-owned network Comedy Central introduced that they'd inexperienced lit a revival / reboot of The Ren & Stimpy Show, which is able to reimagine the original Nickelodeon collection. The venture will probably be produced via Nickelodeon Animation Studio and air on Comedy Central. Original collection writer John Kricfalusi is probably not concerned in the new sequence. Since details are scarce and considering under consideration that the brand new series will it sounds as if now not be running under Nickelodeon's logo, it's going to now not be incorporated in this wiki.


Main characters The primary characters, Ren Hoek and Stimpy. Promotional art work, according to a scene from the collection premiere. Marlin T. "Ren" Höek: Ren is a scrawny, insaniac "asthma-hound" chihuahua with a floppy body, donkey-like ears, neon-pink eyes with dark purple pupils, purple eyelids, and a fairly lengthy, rat-like, pink tail who frequently calls Stimpy an idiot ("eeediot", to quote the character) and slaps him round, reasonably actually. Ren is vain, spiteful, hyperactive, abusive, and will get aggravated (especially by way of Stimpy) very easily. His lifelong ambition is to have huge pectoral muscle tissues (which one way or the other, in actual lifestyles, is uncommon). Ren's title is the true name of Kricfalusi's construction manager. He was born in Tuesday the 17th. Originally learn (in a voice homaging that of Peter Lorre) by means of Kricfalusi, and later by means of Billy West after Kricfalusi used to be fired, even supposing Kricfalusi would go back for Adult Party Cartoon. He used to be maximum recently voiced through Chris Edgerly in Nicktoons MLB. Stimpson "Stimpy" J. Cat: A fats, crimson and white, rotund cat, with a blue nostril, pink eyelids, no tail, human-style buttocks, flat ft and a mind measurement of a peanut (in spite of some intelligence, comparable to cooking and inventing; he is additionally a talented musician), Stimpson J. Cat is idiotically but adorably cheerful and completely devoted to Ren, as he is, to him at least, a nice friend. However, Ren abuses Stimpy repeatedly with both physical and verbal abuse. His trademark facial features is a blissfully ignorant smile with tongue flopping out. Stimpy is called after an art school classmate of Kricfalusi, whose nickname used to be "Stimpy Kadogan" (the classmate seemed in one episode as the wrestler "Killer Kadogan"). He was once voiced by means of Billy West, and later by way of Eric Bauza within the Adult Party Cartoon and Nicktoons MLB.Supporting characters

In addition to Ren and Stimpy, there are a host of supporting characters in the display. However, Ren and Stimpy are the one characters to seem in each episode; the supporting characters may recur, or they are going to best seem in a single episode. Some supporting characters would issue immediately into the storyline (equivalent to George Liquor) while others make transient cameos. Some, akin to Mr. Horse, are solely cameo-based, showing in lots of episodes in bits that experience little bearing on the plot.

George Liquor: George is an ultra-patriotic American and is so conservative that he thinks Republicans are Communists. His ultimate title was once got rid of from being uttered in the episodes he appeared in by way of Nickelodeon. Instead, the scene would pause and a record-scratching sound impact can be played as an alternative of George talking the word Liquor. He is voiced by means of Michael Pataki, despite the fact that voiced by Harris Peet in his first two appearances. Powdered Toast Man: Melodramatic and oblivious superhero and spokesperson for Powdered Toast, the breakfast deal with that "tastes like sawdust". His adjust ego is a deacon. He can fly by way of launching himself from a toaster, or allotting a healthy quantity of flatulence; hence, he flies backwards. Oddly, Powdered Toast does not taste proper until Powdered Toast Man passes gas while it is being ate up. His favourite word is "Cling tenaciously to my buttocks, man!" Voiced through Gary Owens, even if voiced by way of Darrin J. Sargent in his first look. Muddy Mudskipper: A mudskipper (a species of fish capable crawling out of water and breathing air at once) with the voice and persona of a grizzled vaudeville comedian who hosts an afternoon youngsters' show. Calls everyone he meets "a bum." Besides being an enormous television megastar, Muddy dabbled in villainy, at one level kidnapping the Pope (voiced by means of Frank Zappa) sooner than being foiled via Powdered Toast Man. He was once voiced via Harris Peet, although Billy West voiced him in "Powdered Toast Man." Mr. Horse: One of the original and classic characters, together with his catch phrase "No sir, I don't like it". Mr. Horse has variously been a victim of a fall from a skyscraper, a GI getting back from war in love with a sheep, a canine show pass judgement on, a tester for Gritty Kitty Litter, a health care provider, and any individual working from a dismal previous. He used to be voiced through John Kricfalusi (1991–1993) and later by means of Billy West (1993–1996). Mr. and Mrs. Pipe: A couple of square, white suburban oldsters who're seen simplest from the waist down. Mr. Pipe is in most cases clad in a bathrobe, slippers, and black socks supported through sock-suspenders. Mrs. Pipe appears to put on a get dressed and nondescript women's footwear. Mr. Pipe was once voiced through Billy West and Mrs. Pipe was once voiced by means of Cheryl Chase. Abner and Ewalt: A pair of extremely silly hicks who're sheriff and deputy of a small Wild West the town. They have a strong proclivity for putting. They eventually hang themselves in absence of a suitable hangee. Svën Hoëk: Ren's Swedish cousin who Ren has now not observed since they were within the whelping field together. He longs to have an highbrow dialog together with his cousin, however a lot to Ren's chagrin, Svën is even stupider than Ren's tom cat buddy, and Svën forms a bond of stupidity with Stimpy. Last observed in Hell, despite the fact that he makes a background appearance in "Jerry the Belly-Button Elf" and appears in the comedian a number of times. Voiced through Billy West. Wilbur Cobb: A demented, decaying previous guy who was as soon as the main caricature manufacturer on the planet. He speaks in malapropisms such as "Rain? In Octember?" Voiced by Jack Carter. Mrs. Buttloaves: An incredibly obese and homely lady wearing a bulging crimson evening gown. Voiced by way of John Kricfalusi and later Billy West. Haggis McHaggis: A brief, bald stereotypical Scotsman. Voiced through Alan Young. The Fire Chief: Has a psychotic hatred for circus midgets and a penchant for slamming his hearth axe into concrete as a response to answering the door. Voiced via Harris Peet. The Gilded Yak: The shaven icon of Yak Shaving Day. Rides in the course of the sky in a canoe; capable of emerging and disappearing into sink and tub drains. Although he's shaven, he's on a constant vigil in opposition to getting a 5 o'clock shadow. Dr. Stupid: A "show within a show" context pitted Stimpy as Dr. Stupid in the program "Ask Dr. Stupid". Dr. Stupid would learn a letter from a loyal viewer asking questions after which turn on his "patented Stuponitron helmet", which seemed to give him a stiff electrical shock to his mind. Afterwards, he would offer odd and bizarre advice. Old Man Hunger: A odd, and all the time bare, thin previous guy with a hen drumstick leg on his head. He may also be discovered showing up randomly at inopportune moments for Ren and Stimpy. Voiced by Billy West. Kowalski: Serving a 32-year existence sentence for crimes towards humanity, Kowalski is an especially large and burly hulk of a man with incredible strength. However he also has the thoughts of a 7-year-old boy. In his first look, Kowalski is quickly followed by way of Ren as Kowalski's surrogate father. In subsequent appearances, he is mostly seen as a basic multipurpose goon. Not to be puzzled with Bubba, Ren's Kowalski-like nephew who featured in only one Ren and Stimpy cartoon. Voiced by means of Billy West. The Announcer Salesman: The Announcer Salesman serves as the multi-purpose loudmouth within the Ren and Stimpy show. Sometimes, he is a salesperson. Other occasions, he's a narrator, an announcer, a dog display pass judgement on, an actual property agent, and many others. The personality is never referred to by any name within the series, however the title of "Hey, It's That Guy" appears to be the authentic title given by means of Billy West, who voiced him. It's additionally rumored that this was once how he was once additionally referred to by means of the animators at Spumco, despite the fact that this remaining bit is only speculation.

Development and reception


According to cartoonist Bill Wray, John Kricfalusi created the characters Ren and Stimpy round 1978 for "personal amusement" right through his time in Sheridan College. He was inspired to create Ren by way of an Elliott Erwitt photograph, printed on a postcard, called "New York City, 1946", showing a sweatered chihuahua at a girl's feet. Stimpy's design was inspired through a Tweety Bird cool animated film called A Gruesome Twosome where the cats in the animation had big noses. When Nickelodeon approached Kricfalusi, he introduced 3 presentations, amongst them a wide range show titled Our Gang or Your Gang, with a live-action host presenting other cartoons, every caricature parodying a unique style. Ren and Stimpy have been pets of one of the most children in Your Gang, serving as a parody of the "cat and dog genre". Vanessa Coffey, Nickelodeon's Vice President of Animation Production, used to be disenchanted by way of the opposite initiatives however favored Ren and Stimpy, singling them out for their very own display.

Spümcø (1991–93)

The show's pilot started production in 1989, after Kricfalusi pitched and sold The Ren & Stimpy Show to Nickelodeon. The pilot was once accomplished via Kricfalusi's own animation corporate, Spümcø, and screened at movie festivals for several months before the display was introduced in Nickelodeon's 1991 line-up. The first episode of the show premiered on August 11, 1991, along Doug and Rugrats. Spümcø endured to produce the display for the following two years while encountering issues with Nickelodeon's Standards and Practices. The show was noted for its lack of early vending; Wray cites the preliminary loss of products as "the unique and radical thing" about The Ren & Stimpy Show, as no toy corporate planned ahead for any products for the display, and Nickelodeon did not wish to use "over-exploitive" merchandising.

Kricfalusi described his early period with Nickelodeon as being "simple", as he were given along with Coffey, the only executive of the program. When some other executive was added, he wanted to change or discard one of the vital Ren & Stimpy episodes, but Kricfalusi says the episodes stayed intact since he did a "trade" with Coffey: he would have some "really crazy" episodes in alternate for some "heart-warming" episodes. According to Kricfalusi, The Ren & Stimpy Show used to be the "safest project [he] ever worked on" while explaining the that means of "safe" as "spend a third of what they spend now per picture, hire proven creative talent, and let them entertain". He estimated Spümcø's run of The Ren & Stimpy Show cost round ,000,000 to provide.

The display gained combined evaluations. Terry Thoren, former CEO and president of Klasky Csupo, mentioned that Kricfalusi "tapped into an audience that was a lot hipper than anybody thought. He went where no man wanted to go before – the caca, booger humor". The Morning Call referred to as it "high voltage yuks and industrial-strength weirdness". But as the show got here to garner high scores for Nickelodeon, the connection between Kricfalusi and Nickelodeon changed into strained, eventually resulting in Kricfalusi communicating with Nickelodeon only through his attorney. Several of the show's body of workers and voice solid characteristic the strain to episodes that were not produced up to Kricfalusi's requirements and the way badly he handled them. However, probably the most delays were attributed to Nickelodeon's extended approval procedure and withdrawal of approval from scenes and episodes that had been in the past licensed. Another factor of competition was once the path of the show. Nickelodeon later asked the brand new studio to make it extra lighthearted and less scary. Kricfalusi cites his dismissal primarily to the episode "Man's Best Friend", which features a violent climax where Ren brutally attacks George Liquor with an oar.

Games Animation (1993–95)

Nickelodeon terminated Kricfalusi's contract in past due September 1992 and presented him the position of consultant for Ren & Stimpy, however he refused to "sell out". Nickelodeon moved manufacturing from Spümcø to its newly founded animation division, Games Animation, which later became Nickelodeon Animation Studios. Bob Camp changed Kricfalusi as director, whilst West, having refused Kricfalusi's request to go away at the side of him, voiced Ren in addition to Stimpy. Fans and critics felt this used to be a turning point within the show, with the new episodes being a considerable step down from the usual of those who preceded them. Ted Drozdowski, resident critic of The Boston Phoenix, said that "the bloom faded on Ren & Stimpy." Animation historian Michael Barrier writes that while the creators of the Games episodes used rest room humor jokes that had been very similar to the ones used by Kricfalusi, they did not "find the material particularly funny; they were merely doing what was expected." The show ended its authentic run on December 16, 1995 with "A Scooter for Yaksmas", even if one episode from the final season, "Sammy and Me/The Last Temptation", was once not aired; it instead premiered on Nickelodeon's sister network, MTV, on October 20, 1996.

Attempted revival

In 2003, Kricfalusi relaunched the series as Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon", aired together with reruns of the original series (classified as Ren & Stimpy Classics) all the way through a overdue night time programming block on Spike TV and rated TV-MA. As the title implies, the brand new sequence featured extra adult issues, including an openly homosexual courting between the principle characters. Billy West declined on reprising his role because the voice of Stimpy, pronouncing that the show was once "not funny" and that joining it will have broken his career. (West would eventually go back to the function, on the other hand, for Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots in 2007.) Eric Bauza as an alternative voiced Stimpy, whilst Kricfalusi reprised the role of Ren. Fans and critics alike have been unsettled by the display from the primary episode, and only 3 of the six produced episodes have been actually aired prior to the display was cancelled.

Since Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" was once by no means aired on Nickelodeon nor supposed to be broadcast on any community under the Nickelodeon logo, it is not lined in this wiki.


→ Main article: The Ren & Stimpy Show episode checklistSeason Episodes Originally aired Season premiere Season finale 1 6 August 11, 1991 February 23, 1992 2 12 + 1 unaired August 15, 1992 May 23, 1993 3 10 November 20, 1993 July 30, 1994 4 13 October 1, 1994 April 1, 1995 5 11 June 3, 1995 October 20, 1996

Home video releases

→ Main article: The Ren & Stimpy Show videographyVHS and Laserdisc

The Ren & Stimpy Show used to be first launched on VHS within the United States and Canada through Sony Wonder. The tapes contained the same edits as Nickelodeon's first screenings. However, Ren & Stimpy: More Stinky Stories accommodates a censored version of the quick "The Big Baby Scam". The entire collection where the family take a tub and Mr. Pipe will get out to respond to the door is very crudely deleted. Also, Ren & Stimpy: Have Yourself a Stinky Little Christmas contained an edit to "Son of Stimpy", eliminating the scene the place Stimpy will get thrown out of the police station.

Sony Wonder also launched a Laserdisc launched titled "Ren & Stimpy: The Essential Collection", which included the same content material because the Ren & Stimpy Classics and Classics II VHS tapes. It used to be particularly one of the most only a few Laserdisc releases of any Nickelodeon manufacturing (the others being the Laserdisc releases of Harriet the Spy, Good Burger, and The Rugrats Movie, and a couple of Rugrats Laserdiscs released by Paramount).

In 1996, Nickelodeon's house video rights had been transferred to Paramount Home Video. However, only one Ren & Stimpy video used to be re-released below the Paramount label in the United States - Have Yourself a Stinky Little Christmas (which this time additionally included the episode "Big Flakes"). In the United Kingdom, a couple of extra tapes, principally containing episodes produced by way of Games Animation, have been released through Paramount within the PAL format (in consequence, they aren't playable on standard US VCRs).


Time–Life released a number of episodes of The Ren & Stimpy Show in a "Best of" set in September 2003. This set is now out of print.

On October 12, 2004, Paramount Home Entertainment launched the primary two seasons in a three-disc field set. Although the quilt artwork and press fabrics claimed the episodes had been "uncut", a handful of episodes had been, in reality, edited, because of the usage of Spike TV masters. One of the episodes from the second season, "Svën Höek", did have footage reinserted from a work-in-progress VHS tape, however with an modifying gadget time code visual onscreen, in addition to grainy photos. A 2d set, titled Seasons Three and a Half-ish, containing all of season three and the primary half of season four as much as "It's A Dog's Life"/"Egg Yolkeo", adopted on June 28, 2005. Season Five and Some More of Four finished the DVD unencumber of the unique sequence on September 20 of the similar yr.

John Kricfalusi discussed in a 2005 interview that an Ultimate Ren & Stimpy Collection DVD set, which would've contained everything of the collection (this time with the episodes fully uncut) plus the "Adult Party Cartoon" episodes (which had received its own single-disc free up in 2006), used to be being planned, however this set was once by no means released. The present DVD sets (minus the DVD release of Adult Party Cartoon) have been as an alternative repackaged in combination as The Ren & Stimpy Show: The Mostly Complete Collection on February 6, 2018.

The unique series was released totally as a 9-disc set in Germany on October 4, 2013 through Turbine Media. After folks claimed that two episodes on the second disc weren't completely uncensored, Turbine Classics offered to send everyone with proof of acquire an uncensored disc. Since the set is the primary to incorporate all scenes ever broadcast international, it is thought of as the first in point of fact uncensored DVD liberate of the collection.

Broadcast historical past

Country Channel United States Nickelodeon Original run: August 11, 1991-December 16, 1995 Reruns: December 17, 1995-November 22, 2007 Nicktoons TV/Nicktoons Network/NickToons (May 1, 2002-September 5, 2011) TeenNick (June 7, 2013-August 3, 2020) Paramount+ (July 30, 2020-present)


Many episodes contained manufacturing song, notable tracks from Associated Production Music. Many of those tune tracks would even be used on Rocko's Modern Life and SpongeBob SquarePants.

The show spun off three soundtrack albums during its run - You Eediot!, Crock o' Christmas, and Radio Daze. A couple of musical highlights from the display and the first album were additionally incorporated on The Best of Nicktoons.

Ren & Stimpy used to be additionally referenced within the Primus tune "Nature Boy".

Video video games

In addition, Stimpy used to be a playable racer in Nicktoons Racing for PlayStation, PC, GBC, GBA, and Arcade, and in the house console variations of Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots. Ren, Stimpy, Powdered Toast Man, and the Shaven Yak had been also playable characters in Nicktoons MLB. Most not too long ago, Ren and Stimpy appeared as playable characters in Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix.

Appearances in other Nickelodeon initiatives

Stimpy's cameo in My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Stimpy appeared as a plush within the My Life as a Teenage Robot episode, "Raggedy Android".

Ren and Stimpy also appeared within the 2015 song video, "Our House".


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