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NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians airs frequently Fridays at 9:00 p.m. (ET) on Nicktoons and Saturdays at 7:00 a.m. (ET) on NFL Network. In the season premiere, "Lions, Texans & Turkeys, Oh My!", protagonist Ishmael will get an not likely lend a hand from Detroit Lions large receiver Calvin Johnson, who...The collection will function NFL sport pictures, and will be to be had on NFL Network, and, the NFL's reliable In addition to the NFL avid gamers, coaches and personalities who've lent their voices to Rush Zone, several NFL stars will appear on Nicktoons in promotion for the...NFL Rush Zone Show for Kids - Raving Toy Maniac - The 600 x 464 jpeg 67 КБ. #12 TENNESSEE TITANS - NFL Rush Zone Rusher Nicktoons three hundred x 300 jpeg 29 КБ. NFL Rush Zone: Guardians of the Core (Western AnimationNicktoons and the National Football League lately introduced additional NFL players, coaches and personalities who will voice themselves in the new, animated 6, at 8:00 p.m. (Et) on Nicktoons: From Nick: Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals vast receiver), Brian Dawkins (Denver Broncos unfastened safety)...Discover extra posts about Rush-Zone. You know every time I have a look at nicktoons I see stuff about Rush Zone and I feel 'how may just soccer do that a lot' after which I understand I watch Yugioh I will be able to't whinge about different tv presentations where youngsters do moderate issues that put the arena in peril.

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VS. Watch NFL Rush Zone: Guardians of the Core, Mondays 8PM ET on Nicktoons to be informed the solutions! Close. That's not the right resolution. Awarding: You were given: Game over. ScoreCome in to read tales and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Misc. Games and NFL Rush Zone universe. (Do no longer own; based on the sport Calm time; WARNING: Murder and horrifying subject matters involved) Lasso goes to a birthday party best to transform a mum or dad to a boy from a assassin.Nickelodeon and the National Football League proceed their partnership with NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians, the first-ever unique 30 minutes animated series evolved by way of a major U.S. sports activities league and a cable community, the 2 entities jointly introduced today.NFL Rush Zone VFX Vol 2. Additional VFX Design Work for Nicktoons' NFL Rush Zone.

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NFL Rush Zone is an American action-adventure animated television series. In the first season, the show centers on an 11-year-old football fan named Ish, who learns he must give protection to shards of a power source called "The Core", hidden at 32 NFL stadiums.As the NFL season officially will get underneath way tonight, the league and Viacom's Nicktoons are Rush Zone tells the story of a boy named Ish and his buddies who live in Canton, Ohio, house of the NFL's Hall of Fame. The boys tackle quite a lot of villains who are out to damage the game. NFL players who'll be...These are the Guardian playing cards from the NFL RUSH ZONE Trading Card Game Series 1 Kickoff. Created by way of Matt Cullen of #Guardians #Nicktoons #Ish #Ash #Marty #Tua #TK #Ricky #WildCard #superbrandnew #NFLRUSHZONETCG #TCG #NFL #soccer #Megacore...As season two of the Nickelodeon and NFL sequence "NFL Rush Zone" kicks into equipment on Nicktoons, the partners have introduced plans for a third season.This is "NFL Rush Zone on Nicktoons" via Dexter Morris on Vimeo, the house for high quality videos and the people who love them. NFL Rush Zone on Nicktoons. 1 year ago.

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NFL Rush ZoneSeason 1 name cardGenreActionAdventureDirected byRohitash RaoStarringJoshua JacksonSebastion ElliotNathaniel StampleyZachary AppelmanAmber Renae GrayMarisa KreissMalachi CohenNika FuttermanJohnny Yong BoschOgie BanksAndy AragonNicolas RoyeComposerDavid Robidoux[1]Country of originUnited StatesOriginal languageEnglishNo. of seasons3No. of episodes65 (22 short duration episodes + 1 television film + 42 complete duration episodes) (record of episodes)ProductionProducersCourtney FransonCash B. LimRunning timeapprox. 2:00 – 5:half-hour (brief length episodes) 60:00 (tv film w/ ads) approx. 22:00 minutes (common length episode w/o advertisements)Production companiesCurious Pictures (season 1)Rollman Entertainment (seasons 2–3)NFL ProductionsDistributorViacomCBS Domestic Media NetworksReleaseOriginal communityNicktoonsNFL NetworkOriginal releaseSeptember 6, 2010 –October 22, 2014

NFL Rush Zone is an American action-adventure animated television series. In the primary season, the display centers on an 11-year-old soccer fan named Ish, who learns he must give protection to shards of a power source called "The Core", hidden at 32 NFL stadiums. The first season ended on February 5, 2011 with a double period episode. Nickelodeon introduced a second season, titled NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians on September 6, 2012;[2] it premiered on November 30, 2012. The third season, NFL Rush Zone: Guardians Unleashed, was once announced on July 11, 2013; it premiered on November 20, 2013 and ended on October 22, 2014. The collection ended on an apparent cliffhanger with Wild Card's escape and go back, indicating that a fourth season used to be planned. However, the season in the long run never materialized.


Season 1 – "Guardians of the Core"

Ish should protect a number of NFL workforce's Core shards from the villainous alien cyborg Sudden Death every Sunday whilst trying not to be stuck by his mom. He protects the shards with the assistance of OT and the Rusherz.[3][4]

Season 2 – "Season of the Guardians"

One yr after the defeat of Sudden Death, Ish has moved from San Diego to Canton, Ohio, and soon finds his role as a Guardian expanded with new powers and the emergence of the villainous Wild Card. With the help of his outdated good friend Ash and new friends Troy, Tua, Marty, and later, Ricky, Ish should give protection to the 32 Megacores of the NFL from Wild Card, whilst additionally diving into the villain's mysterious previous.

Season 3 – "Guardians Unleashed"

Wild Card has been defeated, however at the price of Ish shedding his Guardian powers. Having been the first Guardian, Ish is hit laborious by means of this loss, while a newly resurfaced Sudden Death looks to proceed the place he left off, with three robot aliens called Anticorians, who have had a sworn rivalry with the Rusherz, and possibly with the help of a now prone Ish. Ish, alternatively soon regains his powers, and he and his buddies have theirs upgraded for the re-match against Sudden Death and his allies the Anti-Corians, as well as the returns of Wild Card and Drop Kick.

Theme Song

Nu Sunt by means of Ncoleta Nuca (Univision) We are the Guardians through Forever the Sickest Kids (Nicktoons)



Ishmael "Ish" Taylor – A natural-born chief of African-American descent. He is hip, humorous, good, insightful, caring and courageous. He loves video games and football and has a winning personality that endears him to his community. Ish used to be the very first Guardian, and lived in San Diego, California within the first season. In the second season, Season of the Guardians, Ish is now 11 years old, and dwelling together with his family in their new home of Canton, Ohio, and is captain of his native football workforce. With extra coaching and experience than before, he is in a position to manifest an influence armor with quite a lot of skills that consists of a football uniform and helmet by way of his new NFL-R watch with an inserted protect coin by way of shouting "Enter the Rush Zone!" and turning the dial. He is soon joined by way of a new group of Guardians with identical power armors, together with his previous good friend Ash, and works along side them to give protection to the 32 Megacores from the evil Wild Card's clutches. In the second one season finale, he sacrificed his Guardian powers to defeat Wild Card. His powers later returned and upgraded within the third season, Guardians Unleashed. His favorite team is the San Diego Chargers. He is voiced through Joshua Jackson within the first season, and Malachi Cohen in the second and 3rd seasons.

Ashley "Ash" Reynolds – A tomboyish Caucasian redhead of with freckles and green eyes, she is a superb student and athlete. During the first season, she used to be below Sudden Death's spell, and most effective befriended Ish to begin with underneath his orders, but soon if truth be told came to like him, and overcame Sudden Death's energy to lend a hand Ish defeat him. In the second season, Ash is 11 years old, has reformed and is taking a look to redeem herself. She lost her mom a couple of years in the past, and is now being raised through Charles Reynolds, her loving, and occasionally overprotective father. She is the brains of the gang – complicated performs or stats are easy for her. Her favourite workforce is the New England Patriots. She is voiced through Marisa Kreiss (daughter of head writer Nick Kreiss) within the first season, and by Sonic Boom Star Nika Futterman in the second one and third seasons.

Troy Kang – A fun-loving and bold, relatively smug and hot-headed Korean-American 11-year-old boy who frequently leaps earlier than he seems to be. But he is also extremely dependable and loyal, especially when bravery is needed. Troy is an amazing athlete, but steadily he struggles to stay his grades up and is beneath consistent drive from his parents to take action. Being a Guardian teaches him to be a better crew player, and somebody who can proportion the highlight and put the desires of others first. His favourite group is the New Orleans Saints. He is voiced through Power Rangers celebrity Johnny Yong Bosch.

Tua Tupola – An 11-year-old Samoan-American from a circle of relatives that is totally into soccer. He is the muscle and middle of the staff. Because Tua is a boy of few phrases, people on occasion underestimate his intelligence, however he is actually highly intelligent. He is heat, being concerned, insightful, thoughtful, and a instantly shooter. He can be shy and a little insecure, however do not get him mad – he is a fierce fighter and an important football player. He is laid-back and easy-going, but being a Guardian teaches him the significance of practice and endurance. His favourite workforce is the Chicago Bears. He is voiced by Butt Ugly Martians Star Ogie Banks.

Martin "Marty" Stevens – An excitable fast-talking, Caucasian 11-year-old who is always able to pull a prank, crack a shaggy dog story, or protect his loved Cleveland Browns. He is the category clown of the crew, but also in reality good, a good scholar, and to hand with tech and computers. He has agility and strikes like no other. When it comes time to fight, he can spin, twist, leap or dodge just about anything. His favorite staff is the Cleveland Browns. He is voiced via Andy Aragon.

Ricardo "Ricky" Cervantes – A tough, competitive 11-year-old kid of Latino descent with a good tougher, extra competitive dad. Ricky is rough at the outdoor and can be sarcastic and blunt. But he proves himself to be a faithful and dedicated friend and has something of a detailed bond with Ash. He started off as a rival in opposition to Ish and used to be as soon as under Wild Card's control, but now works with Ish and his pals as a Guardian. Ricky is the QB of the rival Youth Tackle Football team, the Tigers, and has superb arm strength and firepower and will throw a football tougher, sooner and more as it should be than just about anyone. His favorite team is the Arizona Cardinals. He is voiced by means of Digimon Fusion Star Nicolas Roye.


Sudden Death – In the primary season, he planned on the use of the Core to take over the universe and employed Ash when she was rejected because the Guardian. He was once destroyed at the end of season 1 right through the final battle for the Core... but his ultimate words to Ish had been that they hadn't observed the closing of him. This used to be later confirmed true after he returned in the third season, with a new plan to use the Megacores to either rule or ruin Earth. He is voiced by way of Kill la Kill's Matthew Mercer.

The Anticorians – Three alien humanoids who have sworn competition with Rusherz. They come to serve Sudden Death as their almighty chief in the 3rd season.

Angkoro – Obsequious, conniving and ruthless Anticorian. Uses telekinesis to levitate items together with his Antigravity power. Angkoro needs to be Sudden Death's number two, but is neither as strong nor as smart as his two colleagues, much to his dismay. He is voiced by way of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles's Cam Clarke. Stellaria – Sleek, ninja-like Anticorian feminine. Smart, savvy, and athletic, she possesses the ability to conjure the power of wind to combat her enemy. She is voiced Nika Futterman. Zich – Large, brutish, sturdy, sensible. Zich is both the technical brains and brawn in the back of the Anticorians. He speaks simplest in grunts but the Anticorians don't have any problem understanding him. His length is enforcing. He is Liam O'Brien.

Wild Card – The main antagonist of the second one season who wants to break the guardians and the NFL. He has an overly quick temper and hates shedding greater than the rest. In the episode "The Mystery Guardian", it's revealed that Wild Card's true identification is Warren Zimmer, Richard Zimmer's (thus RZ's) son. He is finally defeated when his powers overloaded in the second season finale. He later returns as a supporting antagonist within the 3rd season, when Sudden Death breaks him out of prison and forces him to paintings with him, however soon convinces Drop Kick, who had betrayed him the former season to plan against Sudden Death and the Anticorians. After enjoying each side within the 3rd season finale, he escapes, vowing to eventually return. He is voiced by means of Persona 4's Troy Baker.

Drop Kick – Wild Card's mostly incompetent robotic lackey, who is incessantly the objective of Wild Card's rage. In the episode "The Mystery Guardian", it is revealed that Drop Kick's true identity is Sidekick, often referred to as RZ 1.0, Richard Zimmer's robot assistant. Eventually, uninterested with Wild Card's mistreatment of him, Drop Kick betrays his master close to the end of the second season to check out and take power for himself, but is defeated and destroyed via the Guardians. The Anticorians later rebuild him all the way through the third season, however he's manipulated in to plotting against them and Sudden Death through Wild Card. He is destroyed once more in the season finale. He is voiced by Jesse Corti.


OT as RZ – The unusual man who explains to Ish concerning the Core, the Rusherz, and Sudden Death. In the second season, he unearths himself as a supercomputer named RZ 6.0, telling Ish that "OT" was once just one of the avatars he took to cover his true self. In the episode "The Mystery Guardian", it's printed that he accommodates the essence of the scientist who made him, Richard Zimmer, on account of an coincidence led to when Richard, with his son and his robot assistant carried out an experiment with the ability of the Core He is voiced through Liam O'Brien.

Shandra Taylor – Ish's mom. At first, she was once clueless to the goings-on in regards to Ish's Guardian Status and was once deeply perplexed by way of his newfound propensity to wander off, despite the fact that she later found out. Soon after, OT warns her that, as the Guardian's guardian, she would be a goal for Sudden Death. In the second one season, a few years after the defeat of Sudden Death, she and her husband, Lt. Matt Taylor, are acutely aware of Ish's Guardian actions and have agreed to let Ish continue them. More than once has she has had to quilt for her son's disappearances, and these days works as a excursion guide on the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Bolt – the Chargers Rusher, whom Ish met at the Chargers house recreation. He is a humanoid creature whose outfit consists of a white and blue soccer helmet with Chargers lightning bolts for a facemask and wears blue and yellow shorts with floral print. He was once voiced through Zach Appelman.

The Gameballz – Ish's guardians within the first season:

Huddle – a golden coloured soccer with laces for a mouth who can talk Spanish. Fumble – A gentle salmon coloured soccer with a inexperienced mohawk. Scream – A traditionally coloured soccer with one eye, who's the more intelligent and tactical of the crowd. Additionally, Gameballz representing NFL teams appeared right through the series.

BlitzBotz – Sudden Death's mechanical minions with one challenge: accumulate the shards. They even have an arsenal of corruption footballs, which corrupt biological beings, reworking them into fellow BlitzBotz. 6 Rusherz had succumbed to this energy, however had been freed from it after Sudden Death's defeat.

Minor Norv Turner – the Minnesota Vikings former offensive coordinator. Was the San Diego Chargers head coach on the time of the show. Sean Payton – the New Orleans Saints head trainer. Mike Tomlin – the Pittsburgh Steelers head trainer. In the episode "Rivalry Week," he may also be seen breaking apart a battle between Fang and Blowtorch. John Madden – retired NFL commentator, former NFL player, former head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Michael Strahan – Former New York Giants player, analyst on Fox NFL Sunday Jerry Jones – Owner/GM of the Dallas Cowboys. Shannon Sharpe – Former Denver Broncos tight end. Marcus Allen – Former Los Angeles Raiders operating again, present ESPN NFL analyst. Brian Dawkins – Former Safety for the Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos Steven Jackson – Running back for the Atlanta Falcons. Larry Fitzgerald – Wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. Eli Manning – Quarterback for the New York Giants. Drew Brees – Quarterback for the New Orleans SaintsRusherz

The Rusherz are a race of humanoid alien beings from planet, who endure some resemblance to an NFL workforce's brand, the town the team is from, or from that franchise's history. According to OT, they were accountable for the advent of the NFL's 32 teams.

Bolt - the Chargers' Rusher. Alto - the Saints' Rusher. Liberty - the Giants' Rusher. Beast - the Lions' Rusher. Freefall - The Seahawks' Rusher. Steed - the Broncos' Rusher. Rampage - the Rams' Rusher. Pack - the Packers' Rusher. Talon - the Falcons' Rusher. Freedom - the Patriots' Rusher. Swoop - the Eagles' Rusher. Stallion - the Colts' Rusher. Scavenger - the Ravens' Rusher. Blowtorch - the Steelers' Rusher. Peck - the Cardinals' Rusher. Sonar - the Dolphins' Rusher. Pick Ax - the 49ers' Rusher. Thor - the Vikings' Rusher. Lasso - the Cowboys' Rusher. Arrow Head - the Chiefs' Rusher. Toro - the Texans' Rusher. Fang - the Bengals' Rusher. Cyclops - the Titans Rusher Grizzly - The Bears' Rusher. Claw - the Panthers' Rusher. Peg Leg - the Buccaneers' Rusher. Ok-9 - the Browns' Rusher. Chief - the Redskins' Rusher. Soar - the Jets' Rusher. Stampede - the Bills' Rusher. Spot - the Jaguars' Rusher. Pillage - the Raiders' Rusher.


Main article: List of NFL Rush Zone episodes SeasonEpisodesFirstly airedFirst airedLast aired122September 6, 2010February 5, 2011224November 30, 2012October 6, 2013320November 20, 2013October 22, 2014


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