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Tommy Pickles - Rugrats by sisko87 on DeviantArt. This is a "fanart" of Tommy P. from Rugrats (I guess most of you recognize him ) I drew this for a card my Biology class is giving to our previous trainer who...#nigel thornberry #the wild thornberrys #tommy pickles #rugrats #you wager your candy bubbie i am tagging the shit outta this.The Rugrats persona, Tommy Pickles Angelica Pickles Chuckie Finster Drew Pickles Protagonist, Walking Pickles s, kid, hand png. 512x896px 133.94KB.All merchandise from rugrats tommy pickles category are shipped international and not using a additional charges. Frequently Asked Question. How to shop for rugrats tommy pickles?

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Search, discover and share your favourite Tommy Pickles GIFs. The absolute best GIFs are on GIPHY. tommy pickles 2693 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest.Tommy Pickles (RUGRATS BASED FREESTYLE). Dorian Outlaw. Opening to Rugrats Dr Tommy Pickles 1998 VHS.Rugrats Tommy Pickles. Add to Favorites. Click to zoom. Tommy Pickles African American Rugrats SVG 1, svg, dxf, Cricut, Silhouette Cut File, Instant Download.Rugrats was once one in every of Nickelodeon's first and most popular original collection, debuting in 1991.. Paraphrasing the description at Grown-ups act as if young children don't know anything. But the fearless, hairless Tommy Pickles and his child brigade know what is actually happening.Tommy Pickles Costume from Rugrats. Tommy Pickles has an excessively minimal style, however very memorable on the identical time. The audience straight away acknowledge him in a simple light blue T-shirt and a baby diaper.

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Thomas Malcolm "Tommy" Pickles is the principle protagonist in addition to the middle persona of Nickelodeon's animated TV series Rugrats (and all motion pictures apart from Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, through which he's the deuteragonist) and its spin-off All Grown Up!. He is clad handiest in a T-shirt and a diaper and he's bald with giant clean eyes. He interprets the entirety grownup into baby gibberish, like most babies. Arlene Klasky stated that she based totally the character of Tommy on her personal son. Tommy usually does no longer put on sneakers, however has been noticed wearing shoes, most continuously with particular outfits.


Tommy Pickles, chief of our intrepid band of Rugrats, is intelligent, brave, compassionate and articulate. He additionally occurs to be only one yr outdated, which provides him an without end fascinating viewpoint on life. Stu and Didi Pickles do their perfect to coddle their oldest kid. But as Tommy says, "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do." Under the no longer so very watchful eyes of the grown-ups, he leads his Rugrat friends on expeditions to unravel the good mysteries of lifestyles -- like "Where does the light go when the refrigerator door is closed?" To Tommy Pickles, the sector doesn't always make sense, but it surely makes an implausible amusement park. - Rugrats Description from Klasky Csupo

Tommy Pickles has modified somewhat a little since he was once a toddler. For something, he now has a complete head of hair! Some things, however, are still the similar: Tommy and Chuckie are nonetheless absolute best buddies, and Tommy is the man all his buddies turn to when they want recommendation or guidance. Tommy has carried out really well at school, getting excellent grades in virtually each and every elegance. Still, the pressure of studying and keeping up together with his pals can cause him to do bizarre things, like steal lawn gnomes whilst sleepwalking around the community! Tommy has also developed a budding skill for making motion pictures, and is certainly on his approach to becoming a famous director! Just like he was once as a toddler, Tommy is fearless, dependable, and is keen to join in on any journey. - All Grown Up! Description from Klasky Csupo


Tommy’s father is Christian and his mother is Jewish, and the former born head leader of the babies. He is like twins with Angelica, and is at all times able for journey with braveness to spare. Sometimes he leads the babies into hassle (in most cases on account of one among Angelica's lies), but he at all times manages to steer them back out once more. He is a faithful pal and all the time in a position for motion. Tommy is the most efficient buddy of Chuckie Finster, who is the exact opposite of him (apart from for the truth they're each pleasant). He has a more youthful brother, Dil, who ceaselessly will get in the way, however Tommy still loves him and is very protective of him. He is the principle personality in the series and looks in virtually each and every unmarried episode. He also appears to be the smartest of the small children.


In the primary collection, Tommy is only a 1-year outdated child infant, but his catchphrase to Chuckie Finster makes him call himself a toddler when he tells Chuckie not to be any such child. He has a big, bald head with a couple of hairs on it, and big, spherical eyes, with a thin neck, round ears, and a little bit of a belly on him. Tommy's outfit is composed of a powder blue blouse that displays his belly-button, and a white, dishevelled diaper with yellow straps on it. He in most cases walks around barefoot and appears to be just a little pigeon-toed, as both of his ft face inwards.

In All Grown Up!, Tommy is now about Eleven years previous. He is of reasonable peak, with straight white tooth, and spiky, light purplelishly blue coloured hair (since Season 2). Though, his outfit adjustments often now, his standard attire is a striped shirt, brown pants, purple and white hi-top sneakers, along side a greenish-brown backpack. In this series, he is in reality much wiser and doesn't go on much adventures. Most of the time, he's either now not specializing in the similar drawback with the group, and instead dealing with his personal problems, however infrequently he is with the group and helping with their issues. All the time, he will be with Chuckie and Dil. In the All Grown Up! episode "Truth or Consequences", Tommy was observed as a three year old where his purple hair has began growing, he wore a yellow polo shirt, crimson paired of shorts and orange footwear.


Tommy is highest recognized for his bravery and adventure-seeking perspective. He could be very playful and will do the rest to have an adventure. Tommy may be very loving and protective towards his friends, especially his more youthful brother, Dil Pickles. He was first of all pissed off by way of Dil, however he become more being concerned against him. He could be very being concerned and kind-hearted, and will by no means let his buddies down. Tommy is terribly brave and is very infrequently seen petrified of anything, simplest on a few small events. Tommy could also be shown to be daring, as proved within the episode "Ransom of Cynthia", the place he would rather take matters in his personal palms as an alternative of surrendering to the enemy.

He may be proven to be a natural chief and is looked up to through the opposite small children, bobbing up with probably the most concepts to get his buddies and himself out of hassle. However, Tommy does have his faults, he is usually a little short-tempered every now and then, every now and then act cussed, somewhat boastful if he shall we his older cousin Angelica affect him, and may also be reasonably naive at times because he's a baby. Overall, Tommy is courageous, adventurous, selfless, and worrying.

Once Tommy lost his bravery, alternatively he was ready to come again from it and assist his pals and lead them over again.


Tommy seems in all but Four episodes of Rugrats. He also appears in all of the episodes of All Grown Up!, as he is the primary character of each sequence. His first appearance used to be in the unaired "Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing".


Didi Pickles - Didi is Tommy and Dil's mother. She has a overall excellent courting along with her son. Earlier in the series, we saw more than one affectionate moments. They have a phenomenal bond, and when "danger" lurks, he is at all times nervous about his mother (and father). Like in "They Came from the Backyard", when she was once wearing soundproof headphones or "alien ears". Like Tommy, she's additionally just a little short-tempered and risky. For instance, whenever she gets her sons, who saved the mall from idiotic robbers in "Rat Traps", Dil instructed her in regards to the R-rated film they snuck into. She stuffed with rage, and dragged her sons home.

Also, in "R.V. Having Fun Yet?" when the group went cross-country to New York, the children have been bored because the loss of video video games, and movies. At the Grand Canyon, Didi was telling Tommy in regards to the wonders of the wonder which is the Grand Canyon, extra particularly a rock tower. Tommy mentioned "You're going to make me stand here, and watch it, aren't ya?" She explains they just want to get close with the preteens. Tommy lashes out, and tells her he's ill of getting shut, being instructed what to do, and ill of having a mom. Ironically, later within the episode, after they sneak out for a water apparition that looks via mist shooting from geysers, in the course of the barren region. They come back to search out the RV, and their moms long past. When they undergo more than one challenges.

They walk down a deserted road, and stop from exhaustion, and dehydration. They slowly get started getting depressed, and Tommy says they made it this a long way, and didn't they need to prove they are responsible. The others get started telling their mothers always have something to devour, or drink, or to offer for their needs. Tommy says it could not get a lot worse, nevertheless it starts raining. He falls to the bottom, and yells "I... want... my... Mommy!", and collapses in a pool of his personal tears. The others do the similar. Their mothers pull up, and they're so excited, and grateful. Didi says how proud she is of him, and look how far he came. He said, "Yeah, no big D!" He displays signs of crying, and hugs his mother.

Stu Pickles - Stu is Tommy and Dil's father. He loves Stu, and inherited his inventor gene as noticed in "The Science Pair".

Lou Pickles - Grandpa Lou is Tommy and Dil's grandfather, and is any individual who Tommy loves very a lot. Many of Tommy's adventures come from the stories that Grandpa advised to Tommy and the opposite young children. When Grandpa moved out of the Pickles' home in "Acorn Nuts & Diapey Butts", Tommy was once disillusioned because he idea Reptar used to be the reason for Grandpa's sudden urge to depart and tried to get rid of everything Reptar hoping he would come house.

However, after Lou and Lulu got married, Lou stayed within the retierment home with Lulu however nonetheless comes to talk over with Tommy and Dil. In All Grown Up!, Lou is way older, and when taking a class field travel in the episode "The Old and the Restless", Tommy snaps at him because Lou was once embarrasing him, used to be bored with listening to the battle stories, and sought after him to move quicker. In the top though, after Tommy, Sean, and Justin got caught in the damaged heart of the exhibit, it used to be Lou who came to Tommy and his buddies rescue and Tommy stated he was happy that Lou had informed him the entire tales.

Dil Pickles - Dil is Tommy's younger brother who he loves to play with and educate how things work to. They had slightly of a foul get started after he was once born, however once you have lost within the forest Tommy and Dil get alongside much better. Tommy is there to comfort Dil on every occasion he needed it and supported him. 

Angelica Pickles - Angelica is Tommy's imply 3 year old cousin who causes Tommy and the opposite babies to get into trouble along with her lies. Tommy then again seems to be as much as Angelica occasionally and helps her each time she wishes it. Tommy has also been identified to take care of her and now and again she cares back.

Chuckie Finster - Chuckie is Tommy's best friend, they met when Tommy was once most effective eight days old. Chuckie is the rationale Tommy took his first steps and they've been friends ever since. The two pals however have had their small arguments but made up after all as they develop into buddies once more. In All Grown Up!, they ended their friendship for a short lived amount of the episode "TP+KF" because Chuckie thought Tommy had a crush on Kimi. In the end, they changed into friends once more.

Kimi Finster - Tommy and Kimi met in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie when Kira brought her along. Kimi is, what Chuckie describes as,"another Tommy" wherein Kimi's adventurous persona has her making plans adventures and wanting to head on adventures identical to Tommy. In the All Grown Up! episode "TP+KF", Kimi printed that she had a overwhelm on Tommy when they all discovered Tommy and Kimi's initials carved within the wall. Tommy and Kimi claimed that they weren't into each and every different however at the end it was once hinted that they both have a weigh down on each different.

Phil DeVille - Phil, just like Lil is one in every of Tommy's buddies who are at all times able to go on an journey with Tommy.

Lil DeVille - Lil, just like Phil, is one in all Tommy's pals who are always in a position to move on an journey with Tommy.


Tommy is according to Arlene Klasky's son. In the pilot episode, Tommy was voiced via Tami Holbrook. In the collection, he's voiced by means of E.G. Daily. Tommy's birthday is possibly August 11, bearing in mind the fact that the episode focusing on his birthday was officially created August 11, 1990 and then the episode was once aired August 11, 1991. However, this could be wrong as a Fourth of July episode happened as the second episode after his first birthday. Tommy appears to have blue eyes, as noticed in a close-up of him all over the pilot episode, even supposing this might not be true. Tommy used to be most probably born premature, as he's seen in an incubator within the episode "Mother's Day". Tommy, up till Dil was once born, was once the smallest and youngest primary character of Rugrats at the age of 1, being a pair months more youthful than Phil and Lil who are additionally 1. Tommy could also be ambidextrous. He has confirmed in a large number of occasions that he can use both palms to do duties (i.e. bowling, eating, and the usage of glue with his left hand when he is right passed). The reason behind this can be because two distinguished figures in Tommy's lifestyles, his brother Dil and his absolute best buddy Chuckie, are left-handed. Therefore, via using his left hand whilst doing certain tasks of their presence, Tommy has made tasks comparable to eating more uncomplicated for them. Originally, Tommy's shirt could be purple or orange in Season 1. This can be proven within the pilot when he's dressed in orange aprons while sound asleep, and in the test pilot when he used to be dressed in an orange T-shirt. In Season 1, he was underweight like the remainder of the lads, but gained weight along with them (except for for Dil, who it sounds as if is actually the fitting weight). This has handiest came about in All Grown Up! Tommy is seen to be an avid fan of "Indiana Jones" which he pronounced "Okie-Dokie Jones". In Rugrats, Tommy is skinnier since he checked out 10 (he must be that age in 5th grade), however this is baby thin. Tommy is printed to be a in reality early walker (5-6 months, when 10 months is the average baby) in "A Step At A Time". Tommy has been proven dressed in just a diaper in a couple of episodes together with "Naked Tommy", "Mother's Day", "A Step at a Time", and the fast "Dil's Bathtime". Tommy has been seen as a 6 12 months outdated in the episode "Back To School" (in Didi's imagination), and a pair of year old in All Grown Up!. In All Grown Up!, Tommy has other coloured hair in season 2. It is a dismal purplishly sort in season 1 and in season 2, it is light purplishly blue. In the Invader Zim episode "Plague of Babies", Tommy was once going to be the chief of the aliens who disguised themselves as human babies, and he would were voiced by means of his official voice actress, E.G. Daily. Due to copyright issues, Nickelodeon wouldn't permit it and this plan was once scrapped; despite this, the character that replaced him, Shnooky, still resembles Tommy. Through out all the sequence Tommy is noticed wearing an orange shirt 3 times within the episodes "Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing", "Tommy's First Birthday", and "Real or Robots?", and a purple blouse thrice in episodes "Tommy's First Birthday", "Reptar's Revenge", and "Real or Robots?". His shirt is blue all the other episodes of Rugrats It is revealed in a Nick magazine that Phil and Lil's birthday is March 31st and are 15 months, when Tommy is 1, making them 3 months older than Tommy. Which signifies that Tommy is in all probability born in June, different info that would end up this is that it is said that Tommy was born 2 months premature. This could imply his exact beginning was once think to be August Eleven however was born June 11 (2 months previous) which would make him Three months younger than Phil and Lil. Plus the fact that a fourth of July episode seemed after the episode "Tommy's First Birthday" it would make more sense logically. At the start of the All Grown Up! opening theme, when the "4...3...2..1.." is said, it's in Tommy's voice. Tommy is among the only 4 characters that appear within the collection finale episodes of each Rugrats and All Grown Up!, the opposite 3 being Dil, Stu, and Didi. Tommy spoke the remaining line within the Rugrats tv continuity. The line being "Gotcha!" in the All Grown Up! episode, "Golden Boy". Tommy overall wore shoes twelve occasions all the way through all the collection in episodes: "Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup", "Stu-Maker's Elves", "Beauty Contest", "Reptar's Revenge", "Let Them Eat Cake", "The Blizzard", "Heat Wave", "Miss Manners", "Steve", "Babies in Toyland", "Snow White", and "Three Jacks and a Beanstalk" of Rugrats and Rugrats: Tales From The Crib, however "Heat Wave" used to be the one episode Tommy wore shoes with his standard attire. He carries certainly one of Stu's screwdrivers, which he calls a Studriver. In All Grown Up!, Tommy bears rather of a resemblance to The Simpsons personality Bart Simpson. When Tommy lost his bravery, it kind of feels it used to be the concern of losing his pals that introduced back his bravery. It is hinted that Tommy has a crush on Kimi as noticed within the episode "TP+KF". Tommy's shirt as a 6 year outdated (Didi's creativeness) in the episode "Back to School" is very similar to the shirt his younger brother, Dil, wore in "All Growed Up". Tommy noticed a flying saucer in the episode "Brothers Grimm". Throughout All Grown Up!, Tommy has a huge passion in movie directing. However, as observed in "The Science Pair", Tommy has the functions and knowledge of inventing, similar to his father Stu and his brother, Dil. Angelica would every now and then name Tommy "Melonhead" within the early seasons of Rugrats. She would additionally call him via his closing identify Pickles like she does to Chuckie, Kimi, Dil, Phil, Lil, and Susie through calling them by way of their final names. Martin Costomiris is Tommy's favourite film director. As printed in "Wouldn't it be Nice?", Tommy blinks when he lies. As proven in "Bad Blood", Tommy gets a rash when he is wired. We can assume that Tommy is aware of learn how to roller-blade seeing how in the All Grown Up! intro presentations Tommy holding his digicam whilst rollerblading. It is proven in "River Rats" that Tommy is scared of being underwater because of an incident when he was once little. Whilst at a waterfront with Lou, a baby Tommy fell in the water and had to be rescued by way of Lou. He fights this concern when Phil falls right into a river, and Tommy has to save lots of him. Tommy is the only primary character in the whole sequence to get his first kiss which happen in "Fear of Falling" via a woman named Olivia. In the episode "Moving Away", Drew mentions to the neighbors within the flashback of when the children first met that Stu and Didi have simply moved from Akron. This may just mean Tommy was born in Akron. Though it could be considered non-canon since there are episodes like "Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch" in season 2, "A Step at a Time" in season 8, and "The Crawl Space" in season Nine that displays Tommy and his family where there since he was born, and there are also episodes like "The Santa Experience" (which may be a season 2 episode) that means that the grown-ups have identified every other since away longer then they implied in "Moving Away" and in "Moose Country" where Phil and Lil consume worms for the first time in that episode, so there are a large number of things that make Tommy being born in Akron non-canon unless moved to Akron and then to the place they currently live. Tommy is the first actual Rugrat to get abducted. Tommy seems in every episode of the original Rugrats collection aside from for "Cuffed", "The Unfair Pair", "Pickles vs. Pickles", and "Tell-Tale Cell Phone", though he appears in each episode of All Grown Up!. His look continues to be principally the same as the revival, however the principle variations is that he has thicker eyebrows and no hair on his scalp, in contrast to the unique.

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