Weekend Roll: HPCX

HPCX is one of the main events on the East Coast calendar. And because it is just over an hour away from the city, we always look forward to this weekend (along with Supercross, our other ‘local’ UCI race). The course is made up of slippery corners, climbing, fast loose descents, and couple sandpits. It is always very cool to see how a typically flat NJ landscape is turned into a challenging cx course.

As for the performance of the squad, Team Health Warrior racked up two 4th and one 6th place over the weekend, though our biggest source of excitement was probably breaking out our new Garneau cyclocross kits for the first time.

You can have a glimpse of the weekend through the images of our teammate Daghan Perker (@dperker). If you repost please make sure to photo credit @dperker.


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