Sand, Singletrack, Sunshine: Bubblecross 2016

With the second half of the 2016 cyclocross season well underway a bit of fatigue is starting to set in - not just from the racing but also the Friday night drives that inevitably seem to last until midnight, only to be followed by painfully early alarms for the two following mornings and of course a return to the weekday grind immediately thereafter. Thus after several weeks bouncing between UCI races in Connecticut, Baltimore and Glouchester it has been exceedingly pleasant spending recent weeks closer to home at Marty Cross and HPCX (or skipping the races and taking in a bike of biking + hiking + camping). This recent local oriented theme carried through to this weekend with Bubblecross in Milford, New Jersey, a race best known for it's long beach section.

Weekend Roll: HPCX

HPCX is one of the main events on the East Coast calendar. And because it is just over an hour away from the city, we always look forward to this weekend (along with Supercross, our other ‘local’ UCI race). The course is made up of slippery corners, climbing, fast loose descents, and couple sandpits. It is always very cool to see how a typically flat NJ landscape is turned into a challenging cx course.

Weekend Roll: Marty Cross

With a break from the #NECX grind the THW squad instead headed to Chester, NJ for some grassroots cyclocross at Marty Cross. Under brilliant blue skies the team battled against a hilly course and strong headwinds, with Chris Burati topping off his fine Gloucester performances with a 5th place finish on the day. After which the team headed to a nearby farm for fresh baked doughnuts and some cider (with a nip of bourbon added to celebrate a successful day at the races).

Gran Prix of Gloucester Race Report

It's a Monday morning in October which means much of Team Health Warrior is sporting a serious cyclocross hangover, this time from a Sunday afternoon in New Jersey at Marty Cross (followed by an obligatory trip for cider donuts). Before we dig into Marty CX however, we have part two of our Gran Prix of Gloucester recap, featuring a race report from Chris Burati, race footage from Matthew Vandivort and images by Daghan Perker.

Weekend Roll: Nittany CX

After spending the last few weeks crisscrossing the East Coast and racing cyclocross, we're finally catching up on some of the images we have captured along the way. Starting with the high speed and dust of Nittany CX.

Race Report: An Early Season Podium at Granogue Cross

Steve Rousseau recounts his and Chris Burati's experience shaking off the Cross cobwebs and unexpectedly landing on the podium at Granougue Cross (despite the race predictor's algorithm having forecasted it all along).
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Hartford Riverfront Cyclocross / Skatepark Riding

I'd best describe the Hartford Riverfront Cyclocross race as 'unique'. Even in the midst of grass crit season the course was surprisingly non-technical and a huge contrast from the "Wood Shed" at Silk City CX the day prior.
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Silk City CX Race Report

Video and pictures from a terrific day of racing outside Hartford, CT at the Silk City CX Race.
Photo Rhetoric - Hamptons Singletrack-242
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Weekend Roll: Labor Day Singletrack

Every Labor Day Weekend the climbing oriented members of Team Health Warrior head north to Green Mountain Stage Race while the crit squad has spent the past few years at the Gateway Cup in Saint Louis, Missouri. Schedule conflicts ruled out another #LaborDayintheLou so instead those of us skipping GMSR headed to the woods for some singletrack fun in anticipation of cyclocross season. With several long days on the trail, evenings on the beach around the fire and quite a few (injury free) spills it was the perfect conclusion to the summer.
Photo Rhetoric - CX Practice-206
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Starting the Week with Cross Practice

Wednesday night may be the official evening of cross practice in NYC but with a slow week in the office, near perfect weather and the opening weekend of cyclocross just a few days away the timing was perfect for an impromptu evening of cyclocross.
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(Not the) Weekend Roll: Cyclocross Practice in NYC

As we tick off the final few road races of the year it’s increasingly #crossiscoming time. Which also means Wednesday night cyclocross practice has kicked off in New York City. While it’s largely an informal affair with plenty of time to catch up with friends and fellow racers, we also had National Champion Jeremy Powers join in the fun last year. We’ll just have to see whether we can top it in the coming year… (anyone have Wout’s phone number?)
Photo Rhetoric - Six Mile Run in August-200
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Weekend Roll: Avoiding the Heat Wave on the Trails

With the 'real feel' temperature reaching levels best described as brutal, we couldn't fathom a summer Sunday pounding the pavement on road bikes. Instead we headed for the shade of the trails for a bit of #crossiscoming singletrack action. There were a few spills along the way and the temps still wavered at uncomfortable levels, but with a mid-ride swim it was pretty much the perfect escape from NYC.
Photo Rhetoric - Six Mile Run-1046
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New Feature: Six Mile Run

A perfect summer Saturday on the trails.
Photo Rhetoric - Rasputitsa-1014
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A look back at the 2016 Edition of the Rasputitsa Gravel Road Race
Photo Rhetoric - NBX CX-1073

Video: What it's Like to Race Cyclocross

While our roots at Team Health Warrior are focused on road racing we look forward to spending each fall traversing the East Coast in search of the tight corners, mud and party-like atmosphere that is cyclocross (#crossiscoming?). And while the 2015 CX season had plenty of highlights, from spending Wednesday night with the National Champion in New York City to the deep and painful mud of Supercross Cup our favorite weekend of the year took place a bit further North at the the NBX GP of Cross.
Photo Rhetoric - Garneau Steeple X-4022

Garneau Steeple-X Review

A few months with the Garneau Steeple-X, from cyclocross season to singletrack and now on the road.
Photo Rhetoric - NYE in the Hamptons Weekend Roll-1023
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Weekend Roll: New Year's on the Trails

With a late start we knew we were going to be racing a setting sun home. We just didn’t expect to lose by this much. Yet somehow we found ourselves on the trails of Eastern Long Island with the last light of 2015 fading over the horizon and several miles still to ride before getting home.
Photo Rhetoric - NBX CX-1129

New Feature: NBX Gran Prix of Cross

A small sampling of photos captured at this past weekend's NBX Gran Prix of Cross where the weather was mindblowing, the beach run was brutal and there were plenty of good times to go around.
Mathew Street-Cheshire CX-1012

Cheshire CX Race Report

Around this time last year I headed to Kutztown for a day of cross racing. The course was fun but not really my style, more fitness and less technical. That same day my mate Tim Willis had raced Cheshire in CT. The pics and feedback sounded much more like my jam, half of the course was some techy mountain bike single track. Sweeeeet. So this year I made sure my limited cross season contained this race.
Photo Rhetoric - Supercross CX-1042

New Feature: In the Mud at Supercross Cyclocross

The latest gallery from Photo Rhetoric:
Photo Rhetoric - NoHo CX-3019

Winnie Cam at NoHoCX

It was a great weekend at NoHoCX with unseasonably warm weather and a terrific course. We already posted Day 1 and Day 2 recaps, but in honor of our original Dogs of Cyclocross video, a quick look at Winnie the Bulldog's weekend at NoHoCX. Don't…
Photo Rhetoric - Cross Practice JPow-1049

Cross Practice with Jeremy Powers

It's not every day that the national champion shows up for your weekday practice. A quick collection of images from just another Wednesday night in New York City, except with Jeremy Powers in attendance. Stay tuned for the complete set on Facebook.…
Photo Rhetoric - NoHoCX Day 2-1004
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Weekend Roll: Sunday at the Beach at #NoHoCX

Perhaps due to a combination of insufficient coffee consumption and two days of fast and furious racing my energy levels were running low on Sunday at Cycle-Smart International Cyclocross. So after capturing a few pics at the extended sand pit…
Photo Rhetoric - NoHo CX-3015

Cycle-Smart International / #NoHoCX

As unseasonably warm weather extended its way deeper into the fall we headed north for the Cycle-Smart International (#NoHoCX) in Northampton, Massachusetts. Joining us in the journey north were a couple thousand Health Warrior chia bars that…

New Feature: Providence Cyclocross Festival Race Typology

A look back at one of our favorite weekends of the entire cyclocross season:
Louisville CX Worlds by Photo Rhetoric-502
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New Feature: Louisville CX Worlds

As we prepared to head South to the 2015 Richmond Road World Championships, a brief look back at our last World Championships: Louisville CX Worlds in February 2013.
Photo Rhetoric - Weekend Adventure Roll-511
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Weekend Roll: Offseason is the Best Season

With so much of the road season dedicated to racing and my propensity to take a camera everywhere I go, it's inevitable that I spend much of race season documenting Team Health Warrior p/b RK&O. From absolutely atrocious weather at…
Hamptons Cover
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Weekend Roll: Beach Cruising

After being beaten down by 3+ weeks of illness and then immediately hitting the road for several weekends in a row of racing from Pennsylvania to Binghamton, it was officially time for a break. So while much of the squad spent the weekend locally,…
Photo Rhetoric - Weekend Roll-1000
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Weekend Roll: Singletrack

Another weekend at the beach, splitting time between the trails and the paved - and sometimes not so paved - roads out East. Bonus points for encountering some real life nature in the form of a hawk that was very angry to have his meal interrupted…
Photo Rhetoric - Weekend Roll-1000

Louisville 2013

Witnessing the CX World Championships on US soil was quite possibly a once in a lifetime experience - an experience that is impossible to distill into a few taut paragraphs worthy of online consumption. Instead there are moments in time that…