Bikepacking Adventure from "Port-to-Pough"

Mat Street, Chris Burati and a group of friends loaded up their road bikes and traded watts for wanderlust, finish lines for fly storms and crits for the countryside on an unforgettable four-day bikepacking trip from Portland, Maine to Poughkeepsie, New York.
Photo Rhetoric - Vino Fondo -1041
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Vino Fondo x THW

Of all of the potential conversations to have with my seventy two year old father, gearing strategies and cornering techniques for his first criterium would have fallen pretty low on my list of expected subject matter. Though reflecting on the past several months I probably should have anticipated this outcome.
Photo Rhetoric - Hamptons Weekend Roll-2011
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Weekend Roll: Back to the Dirt Search

This time of year our Weekend Rolls are typically race focused. Telling tales of victories and (more often than not) defeats on the bike. However with a rare lull in the local race calendar I decided to pass on the Lime Rock Cycling Grand Prix (where Colin Tanner scored a very nice fourth place finish in dreadful weather conditions) and head East for a weekend at the beach. Even if it was far too cold to actually go to the beach.

This is a lot better than Central Park

Lots of guys not only from Team Health Warrior, but racers in NYC in general, find ways to make it out to the West Coast for a spate of riding in the California sun in the winter and early part of the racing season. Finally, my turn came for a bit of Best Coast goodness last week. Taking advantage of a work trip to the Bay Area and the Easter Holiday, I was able to string together four days of riding in San Francisco. The rains from the prior week had passed, and I lucked out with clear blue skies, temperatures in the mid 60s, and some of the most picturesque riding not only this country, but the world, has to offer.
Photo Rhetoric - Rasputitsa-1014
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A look back at the 2016 Edition of the Rasputitsa Gravel Road Race
San Francisco Riding-1026

Five Rides and a Wedding

With everyone getting out of town for the winter, I definitely felt a little left out that I wouldn’t be able to join in on all the sun and fun in SoCal. Just my luck that I recently was flown to Las Vegas to take place in a panel and on the way home was able to fit in a quick trip to SF to ride (and watch a good friend get married!)
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Fat Biking in Italy

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to join my family on a ski trip to celebrate my brother’s birthday. The destination was Cortina, D’Ampezzo in Italy. It’s a town famous for hosting 1956 Olympics sitting in the southern part of the Dolomites. I was super stoked when I saw some fat bikes at the ski rental place on the first day.
Dan Cleiman Cali-5025

February in New York City is hard

February in New York City is hard. Despite the warmer than usual temperatures this winter, the reduced hours of sunshine always gets to me. So it was without hesitation that Meghan (CityMD Racing) and I got ourselves organized for a long weekend in the sun. And while this is my sixth year in a row heading out to Cali, the reasonably priced flights (bikes fly for $50 on JetBlue and Virgin America) coupled with the more than likely good weather and fantastic roads can’t be easily beaten.
Richard Scudney in Palm Springs-4004

On the Road: Tan Lines and Hill Climbs in Palm Springs

With the weather in NYC in the single digits and the race season starting in a few weeks, what better way to beat the trainer than to go out west in search of some pain in the sunshine.
Mountain Biking in Wales-1030
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New Feature: Beic Mynydd - Mountain Biking in Wales

Living in NYC but with my family back Wales, UK, I couldn’t skip another Christmas. I was lucky enough last time to ride from San Fran to LA, but it had been 18 months since I’d seen familiar shores.
Mountain Biking in Miami - 004
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Mountain Biking In Miami

I was lucky enough to head down to Miami on the first extremely cold day in NYC. Even though the trip was only three days long it was a nice quick escape from 12 degree weather. Also, there’s nothing better than riding in shorts and getting your teammates jealous.
Photo Rhetoric - Weekend Roll In Missouri-1017
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Weekend Roll: Riding the Rivers of Missouri before the Waters Rose

25 feet. That’s how deep underwater we’d be on these roads after the nearby rivers flooded their banks following three days of continuous, relentless rain. Even some of the towering levees we rode on top of are facing the threat of being submerged as the Meramec River looks set to rise more than 36 feet over just a few days to a new record. And yet the holiday weekend in Saint Louis started so pleasantly, with little hint of what was to come…

Rapha Prestige New England

Back in early September I participated in the Rapha Prestige New England with about 25 other teams of four in the southwest corner of Vermont near the town of Rupert and the Green Mountain National Forest. Having never done a Rapha Prestige, I asked myself a lot of questions before the ride. Do I really need that extra tire and 4 tubes?
Corey in Spain-1034

Bike Touring in Spain

It took some convincing, but as part of our first year anniversary trip to Spain my wife and I planned to do a point to point bike tour in the Catalonia region, home of the winter training grounds for many professional cyclists. After arriving…
Addo Productions Austin to NOLA Part I-525

New Feature: Austin to NOLA by Bike, Part I

After Mat Street rode a good chunk of the California coast on a single speed this past winter, Team Health Warrior's Greg Addo spent one week traversing the Southern US from Texas to NOLA, check out the full story in feature form:
Louisville CX Worlds by Photo Rhetoric-502
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New Feature: Louisville CX Worlds

As we prepared to head South to the 2015 Richmond Road World Championships, a brief look back at our last World Championships: Louisville CX Worlds in February 2013.
Hamptons Cover
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Weekend Roll: Beach Cruising

After being beaten down by 3+ weeks of illness and then immediately hitting the road for several weekends in a row of racing from Pennsylvania to Binghamton, it was officially time for a break. So while much of the squad spent the weekend locally,…
Photo Rhetoric - Vermont to Maine-127
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New Feature: Vermont to Maine by Photo Rhetoric

Matthew Vandivort's gallery of images from the journey of five women riding self-supported from Vermont to Maine:

Wisconson Northwoods by Bike

At the end of July I was lured home by the occasion of my mother’s celebrating a landmark birthday. Home is the Northwoods of Wisconsin, and the Northwoods is bait & tackle, pick-up trucks, Friday fish fry, and boot scootin’. It’s…
Photo Rhetoric - Litchfield-120
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Photo Rhetoric: Tour of the Litchfield Hills

It was an early morning but a beautiful day for the 2015 edition the Tour of the Litchfield Hills, Team Health Warrior p/b RK&O's official charity, with Photo Rhetoric documenting an incredible day of riding and raising money for cancer…
Photo Rhetoric - Italy-106

New Feature: Italia

Our own Matthew Vandivort (aka Photo Rhetoric) writes about raising the bar during an Italian adventure
Photo Rhetoric - Hamptons Hundo-103
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Kicking off the long holiday weekend with a 100 miler from NYC to the Hamptons. Photos by @PhotoRhetoric.
Photo Rhetoric - NorCal Day 7-2010
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New Feature: Escape to NorCal Concludes

The final chapter from the Escape to NorCal series from our own Matthew Vandivort (aka Photo Rhetoric):
Photo Rhetoric Bike for Cheesesteak-2011
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It all seemed so easy - a few hours on the bike and then we get to watch one of the best bike races in the country. Of course during our initial daydreaming we didn't appreciate quite how early we would need to leave New York City in order…
Photo Rhetoric NorCal Day 6-2007
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New Feature: Escape to Norcal This Was a Bad Idea

In the latest post in the Escape to NorCal series, our own Matthew Vandivort discusses getting lost on road bikes in the backcountry and wilderness shelters.
Photo Rhetoric - NorCal Middle-1005
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New Feature: Escape to NorCal the Middle Days

The journey in Northern California continues with another post in the "Escape to NorCal" series:
Street California-2030
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New Feature: California Daydreaming

When faced with a potential relocation back across the Atlantic, Mat Street made the obvious choice to bikepack the majority of the California coast line on a track bike with a busted rear hub. The full story:
Photo Rhetoric - NorCal Day 3 -2002
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New Feature: Escape to NorCal Day 3

A special guest post from CityMD Women's Racing's Lisa Vandivort covering Day 3 of Escape to NorCal:
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New Feature: Escape to Norcal Day 2

Rider and unofficial team photographer Matthew Vandivort / Photo Rhetoric posts the second in a series of reports from his earlier journeys in Northern California: For a…
Team Health Warrior in California -1003
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New Feature: SoCal in February

Following up on Matthew Vandivort's Escape to NorCal: Day 1 feature, Corey Morenz, Colin Tanner and Roger Parmelee compiled some words and photographs describing several days in Southern California in February on something akin to (but not…
Team Health Warrior in California -1003

Team Sixcycle in Belgium

In the past year Team Sixcycle-RK&O has spent time riding in distant locations ranging from California (both LA and San Francisco) to Italy (with a stop in between in Louisville). However more recently two of the team's racers traveled…
Team Health Warrior in California -1003

Louisville 2013

Witnessing the CX World Championships on US soil was quite possibly a once in a lifetime experience - an experience that is impossible to distill into a few taut paragraphs worthy of online consumption. Instead there are moments in time that…
Team Health Warrior in California -1003

L'Eroica: the Most Classic of Rides

L'Eroica: Over the course of the 2012 season Team Sixcycle-RK&O has participated in races and rides from Italy to California. However earlier this month Team Sixcycle-RK&O's Ben Fackler participated in perhaps the most epic ride of the…
Team Health Warrior in California -1003
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Mt Washington Hillclimb Race Report

Mt Washington Hillclimb: On August 18 Team Sixcycle-RK&O's Tom Mikolinski competed in "The Toughest Hillclimb in the World" - The Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb. In addition to capturing the entire race on video, he posted…