Photo Rhetoric - Six Mile Run in August-200
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Weekend Roll: Avoiding the Heat Wave on the Trails

With the 'real feel' temperature reaching levels best described as brutal, we couldn't fathom a summer Sunday pounding the pavement on road bikes. Instead we headed for the shade of the trails for a bit of #crossiscoming singletrack action. There were a few spills along the way and the temps still wavered at uncomfortable levels, but with a mid-ride swim it was pretty much the perfect escape from NYC.
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Weekend Roll: JRA Westchester

This past weekend I had the pleasure of riding with my good friend Ben Newell and my girlfriend Natalie Tapias around some picturesque gravel roads in Westchester County. Ben provided the route and it did not disappoint, there was plenty of gravel and there were very few cars.
Photo Rhetoric - Six Mile Run-1046
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New Feature: Six Mile Run

A perfect summer Saturday on the trails.
2016-05-07 - Poolesville Road Race-2029

Riding Dirty: Poolesville Road Race

I have raced long enough to know that toeing the start line while under the weather seldom leads to strong results. But even with that knowledge in hand I wasn’t expecting things to go quite so poorly for Saturday’s Poolesville Road Race.
Photo Rhetoric - Hamptons Weekend Roll-2011
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Weekend Roll: Back to the Dirt Search

This time of year our Weekend Rolls are typically race focused. Telling tales of victories and (more often than not) defeats on the bike. However with a rare lull in the local race calendar I decided to pass on the Lime Rock Cycling Grand Prix (where Colin Tanner scored a very nice fourth place finish in dreadful weather conditions) and head East for a weekend at the beach. Even if it was far too cold to actually go to the beach.
Photo Rhetoric - Rasputitsa-1014
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A look back at the 2016 Edition of the Rasputitsa Gravel Road Race
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Fat Biking in Italy

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to join my family on a ski trip to celebrate my brother’s birthday. The destination was Cortina, D’Ampezzo in Italy. It’s a town famous for hosting 1956 Olympics sitting in the southern part of the Dolomites. I was super stoked when I saw some fat bikes at the ski rental place on the first day.
Photo Rhetoric - Team Ride 2016-02-20 -4002
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Weekend Roll: Dirt Trails and Sixty Degrees in February

After some less than ideal weather left us largely trapped indoors for President’s Weekend the forecast fortunately took a distinct turn for the better this past weekend. With highs near sixty and blue skies for at least part of the weekend it was easy to ride long and hard
Mountain Biking in Wales-1030
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New Feature: Beic Mynydd - Mountain Biking in Wales

Living in NYC but with my family back Wales, UK, I couldn’t skip another Christmas. I was lucky enough last time to ride from San Fran to LA, but it had been 18 months since I’d seen familiar shores.
Mountain Biking in Miami - 004
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Mountain Biking In Miami

I was lucky enough to head down to Miami on the first extremely cold day in NYC. Even though the trip was only three days long it was a nice quick escape from 12 degree weather. Also, there’s nothing better than riding in shorts and getting your teammates jealous.
Photo Rhetoric - NYE in the Hamptons Weekend Roll-1023
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Weekend Roll: New Year's on the Trails

With a late start we knew we were going to be racing a setting sun home. We just didn’t expect to lose by this much. Yet somehow we found ourselves on the trails of Eastern Long Island with the last light of 2015 fading over the horizon and several miles still to ride before getting home.
Six Mile Mountain Biking-1003

Off-season, Off-road: Saturday at Six Mile

As the palettes of red and orange leaves begin to fade, signaling the inevitable transition to the indoor trainer, a few of the Team Health Warrior riders decided to enjoy the crisp fall day at Six Mile Trails.

Rapha Prestige New England

Back in early September I participated in the Rapha Prestige New England with about 25 other teams of four in the southwest corner of Vermont near the town of Rupert and the Green Mountain National Forest. Having never done a Rapha Prestige, I asked myself a lot of questions before the ride. Do I really need that extra tire and 4 tubes?
Photo Rhetoric - Cycling in Westchester-1000
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Weekend Roll: Riding the Dirt Roads of Westchester

With last weekend's Dam Search a few days short of peak foliage, we decided to head back to Westchester County for another weekend of dirt roads and #foliagebro. Morning rain threatened to ruin the party, but by 11AM the weather cleared enough…
Photo Rhetoric - Dam Search -1028
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New Feature: Dam Search

It's almost that time: when yellows, oranges and reds flood onto social media in a rush of #foliagebro. Photo Rhetoric kicks things off early with a trip up to Bedford, New York for some leaf peeping and dam searching:
Pat's Peak 24 hour Mountain Bike Race-519

Pat's Peak 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race in Photos

Mat Street signs up for 24 hours of Mountain Bike Racing and documents the entire experience on camera.
Hamptons Cover
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Weekend Roll: Beach Cruising

After being beaten down by 3+ weeks of illness and then immediately hitting the road for several weekends in a row of racing from Pennsylvania to Binghamton, it was officially time for a break. So while much of the squad spent the weekend locally,…
Team Health Warrior Bike Packing-2007

New Feature: Bike Camping & Outdoor Coffee

Mathew Street checks in with a weekend of rest and recovery: bikepacking with some goodies from our friends at Nobletree Coffee along for the ride:
Photo Rhetoric Bike for Cheesesteak-2011
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It all seemed so easy - a few hours on the bike and then we get to watch one of the best bike races in the country. Of course during our initial daydreaming we didn't appreciate quite how early we would need to leave New York City in order…
Photo Rhetoric NorCal Day 6-2007
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New Feature: Escape to Norcal This Was a Bad Idea

In the latest post in the Escape to NorCal series, our own Matthew Vandivort discusses getting lost on road bikes in the backcountry and wilderness shelters.
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New Feature: Battenkilled then Battenchill

Ollie Davis recaps a great weekend at the Tour of the Battenkill - with a day of getting Battenkilled followed up with a day of Battenchill:

Team Sixcycle in Belgium

In the past year Team Sixcycle-RK&O has spent time riding in distant locations ranging from California (both LA and San Francisco) to Italy (with a stop in between in Louisville). However more recently two of the team's racers traveled…

Mountain Biking in the Hamptons

Mountain Biking in the Hamptons: with the road racing season still several months away, Team Sixcycle-RK&O has spending a lot of time off road.  The team has hit the trails from New Jersey (Six Mile Run) to the Gunks and even California.…

L'Eroica: the Most Classic of Rides

L'Eroica: Over the course of the 2012 season Team Sixcycle-RK&O has participated in races and rides from Italy to California. However earlier this month Team Sixcycle-RK&O's Ben Fackler participated in perhaps the most epic ride of the…