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The Interview: Ryan McGarrity on Coping with Injury

An interview with Team Health Warrior's Ryan McGarrity on the long and at times painful road back from injury.

The Interview: Liz Marcello and the State of NYC Bike Racing

Liz Marcello is a New York City-based racer who served as one of the first female Presidents of the Century Road Club Association (CRCA), one of the oldest and largest cycling clubs in the entire country with a history that dates to 1898. She was also previously Vice-President of Racing for the Club, responsible for the entire Club race series in Central Park and for several years she has been the race director of the Grant's Tomb Criterium, one of just two urban criteriums left in New York City. As we have been pondering questions like "Are Bike Races Broken" Team Health Warrior's own Matthew Vandivort took the opportunity to sit with Liz and get her thoughts on the state of New York City bike racing.

The Interview: ACME Bicycle Co

During the latter stretch of the 2015 racing season a number of Team Health Warrior racers dropped by ACME Bicycle Co for fits and experienced first hand the dramatic improvement in performance and comfort derived from the ACME fit. This positive feedback blossomed into a formal partnership for the 2016 season season as ACME Bicycle Co became THW's official fit partner. More recently we had the opportunity for a bit of Q&A with ACME founder Jonathan Blyer and his partner, THW racer Colin Tanner to touch on the technology and philosophy behind bicycle fits and what makes ACME different from their peers.

The Interview: Are Bike Races Broken?

I didn't want to write this. Ever since my retirement from the very glamorous and very unpaid gig of promoting bike races for the Century Road Club Association (CRCA) I have been luxuriating in not having to worry about permits and budgets and rider registration trends. It has been glorious. Unfortunately we're entering peak season for bike racers complaining about race promoters. And so as I observed a recent Facebook comment from an elite racer criticizing the ratio of registration fee to prize payout for the upcoming Bear Mountain Classic I attempted to ignore it.
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The Interview: Don Nieva

See Also: The Interview: A Racer's Perspective on GMSRDon Nieva is like a treasure hidden in plain sight.  With a mild manner that belies a youth spent in the ardent glow of the Strip's marquees, he's anything but "Vegas, baby!". And in…
Team Health Warrior GMSR Scudney-510

The Interview: Richard Scudney and A Racer's Perspective on GMSR

As focus shifts to cyclocross season, we look back at the 2015 road season via an interview with Team Health Warrior's own Richard Scudney to discuss the challenges and dedication required to prepare for the Green Mountain Stage Race.What…
Health Warrior Protein Bars

The Interview: Shane Emmett, Health Warrior CEO

It has been a privilege to represent Health Warrior this year as our title sponsor. As many of you know, we have been distributing Health Warrior's Chia Bars and Chia Protein Bars at races throughout the spring (and will continue to do so during…