Intelligentsia Cup (Part II)

After the opening races at Intelligentsia Cup one overriding theme moved to the forefront for the rest of the weekend: the heat. In fact Saturday's Lake Bluff Criterium is the only time I have totally and completely overheated on the bike - winding up in the medical tent after the race as mid-afternoon temperatures hovered in the mid-to-high 90's.

Red Hook Sprint Practice

This time of year we spend our weekday evenings playing cyclocross but it wasn’t so long ago that weeknights were spent either racing crits or sneaking in some sprint practice with some fellow NYC riders in Red Hook. A few images from the latter, from an evening with our friends from Team NYC Velo.
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Hartford Riverfront Cyclocross / Skatepark Riding

I'd best describe the Hartford Riverfront Cyclocross race as 'unique'. Even in the midst of grass crit season the course was surprisingly non-technical and a huge contrast from the "Wood Shed" at Silk City CX the day prior.
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Silk City CX Race Report

Video and pictures from a terrific day of racing outside Hartford, CT at the Silk City CX Race.
Photo Rhetoric - CX Practice-206
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Starting the Week with Cross Practice

Wednesday night may be the official evening of cross practice in NYC but with a slow week in the office, near perfect weather and the opening weekend of cyclocross just a few days away the timing was perfect for an impromptu evening of cyclocross.
Photo Rhetoric - Vino Fondo -1041
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Vino Fondo x THW

Of all of the potential conversations to have with my seventy two year old father, gearing strategies and cornering techniques for his first criterium would have fallen pretty low on my list of expected subject matter. Though reflecting on the past several months I probably should have anticipated this outcome.
Garneau Gennix R1 Team Health Warrior-1003
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Garneau Gennix R1 2016 THW Edition

After three years racing and riding the Garneau Gennix R1 from Italy to California (with a few bike packing trips in between) Team Health Warrior is pleased to once again race this top of the line frameset featuring custom paint from the Garneau Dream Factory during the coming 2016 road season.
Photo Rhetoric - Bear Mountain Feature-1002

The Best of Team Health Warrior in 2015

As 2015 rapidly approaches its conclusion and we begin preparations for another season of racing, we take a quick look back at our most memorable rides and races from 2015 via a full year of posts on This is just a small sampling of the past twelve months in action for Team Health Warrior, stay tuned for much more from the squad in the new year. Happy holidays!
Photo Rhetoric - NBX CX-1129

New Feature: NBX Gran Prix of Cross

A small sampling of photos captured at this past weekend's NBX Gran Prix of Cross where the weather was mindblowing, the beach run was brutal and there were plenty of good times to go around.
Photo Rhetoric - Garneau Video Shoot-1001
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Team Health Warrior Video Shoot

Our latest project with Addo Productions, a feature on riding and racing in New York City with our friends at Garneau. Stay tuned for the finished product in 2016.
Photo Rhetoric - Supercross CX-1042

New Feature: In the Mud at Supercross Cyclocross

The latest gallery from Photo Rhetoric:
Photo Rhetoric - NoHoCX Day 2-1004
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Weekend Roll: Sunday at the Beach at #NoHoCX

Perhaps due to a combination of insufficient coffee consumption and two days of fast and furious racing my energy levels were running low on Sunday at Cycle-Smart International Cyclocross. So after capturing a few pics at the extended sand pit…
Photo Rhetoric - NoHo CX-3015

Cycle-Smart International / #NoHoCX

As unseasonably warm weather extended its way deeper into the fall we headed north for the Cycle-Smart International (#NoHoCX) in Northampton, Massachusetts. Joining us in the journey north were a couple thousand Health Warrior chia bars that…
Photo Rhetoric - River Road AM-2000

Another Morning Escape from NYC

It's a special time of year to ride in and around New York City - we have the pictures to prove it. With the combination of fall colors and unseasonably warm temperatures beckoning us to venture across the bridge mid-week, we had no choice but…
Photo Rhetoric - Bear Mountain Feature-1005

New Feature: Wandering Until (Mostly) Lost

A new feature from Photo Rhetoric:
Photo Rhetoric - River Road Run-1011

River Road and Fall Foliage Before Sunrise in NYC

With the work week drawing to a close and and cooperative weather conditions in store for Friday morning we headed across the George Washington Bridge well before sunrise and descended into the darkness on River Road for a bit of respite from…
Photo Rhetoric - Dam Search -1028
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New Feature: Dam Search

It's almost that time: when yellows, oranges and reds flood onto social media in a rush of #foliagebro. Photo Rhetoric kicks things off early with a trip up to Bedford, New York for some leaf peeping and dam searching:
Gateway Cup Photos by Photo Rhetoric-532

New Feature: Gateway Cup - Part I

Matthew Vandivort recaps ending the 2015 road season at Gateway Cup:

New Feature: Providence Cyclocross Festival Race Typology

A look back at one of our favorite weekends of the entire cyclocross season:
Louisville CX Worlds by Photo Rhetoric-502
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New Feature: Louisville CX Worlds

As we prepared to head South to the 2015 Richmond Road World Championships, a brief look back at our last World Championships: Louisville CX Worlds in February 2013.
Pat's Peak 24 hour Mountain Bike Race-519

Pat's Peak 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race in Photos

Mat Street signs up for 24 hours of Mountain Bike Racing and documents the entire experience on camera.
Photo Rhetoric - Vermont to Maine-127
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New Feature: Vermont to Maine by Photo Rhetoric

Matthew Vandivort's gallery of images from the journey of five women riding self-supported from Vermont to Maine:
Photo Rhetoric - Millersburg 2015-131

New Feature: Tour de Millersburg

Photo Rhetoric captures one of our favorite weekends of the entire season:
Photo Rhetoric - Italy-106

New Feature: Italia

Our own Matthew Vandivort (aka Photo Rhetoric) writes about raising the bar during an Italian adventure
Photo Rhetoric - Hamptons Hundo-103
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Kicking off the long holiday weekend with a 100 miler from NYC to the Hamptons. Photos by @PhotoRhetoric.
Photo Rhetoric - NorCal Day 7-2010
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New Feature: Escape to NorCal Concludes

The final chapter from the Escape to NorCal series from our own Matthew Vandivort (aka Photo Rhetoric):

New Feature: 2015 Team Kit

Colin Tanner and Laura S Wilson take capture some of the accessories that help define our 2015 Louis Garneau team kit
Photo Rhetoric - Team Health Warrior Weekend Roll-2005
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Weekend Roll: Another Rain Race

While the weather was kind enough to cooperate for the Friday morning River Road run, it was in a less friendly mood for Sunday's Century Road Club Association (CRCA) Club Race. While the predicted thunderstorms never came to fruition the…
Photo Rhetoric NorCal Day 6-2007
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New Feature: Escape to Norcal This Was a Bad Idea

In the latest post in the Escape to NorCal series, our own Matthew Vandivort discusses getting lost on road bikes in the backcountry and wilderness shelters.
Photo Rhetoric - NorCal Middle-1005
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New Feature: Escape to NorCal the Middle Days

The journey in Northern California continues with another post in the "Escape to NorCal" series:
Street California-2030
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New Feature: California Daydreaming

When faced with a potential relocation back across the Atlantic, Mat Street made the obvious choice to bikepack the majority of the California coast line on a track bike with a busted rear hub. The full story:
Photo Rhetoric - Bear Recon-1007

Bear Mountain Classic Recon

Previous Bear Mountain Journal Entries: Donuts and Oktoberfest, Bear Mountain Classic 2014 Recon I don’t often (read: never) recon a course as logistically it’s tough and it normally means missing another race. However having never ridden…
Photo Rhetoric - NorCal Day 3 -2002
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New Feature: Escape to NorCal Day 3

A special guest post from CityMD Women's Racing's Lisa Vandivort covering Day 3 of Escape to NorCal:
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New Feature: Battenkilled then Battenchill

Ollie Davis recaps a great weekend at the Tour of the Battenkill - with a day of getting Battenkilled followed up with a day of Battenchill:
Photo Rhetoric - Track-1002

Track Day

With a Sunday morning hangover courtesy of a Saturday night spent consuming a few too many beverages with the team, I missed the departure time to make the team ride across the GWB to 9W. A bagel (or maybe two) and significant quantities of…