Intelligentsia Cup (Part II)

After the opening races at Intelligentsia Cup one overriding theme moved to the forefront for the rest of the weekend: the heat. In fact Saturday's Lake Bluff Criterium is the only time I have totally and completely overheated on the bike - winding up in the medical tent after the race as mid-afternoon temperatures hovered in the mid-to-high 90's.
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New Feature: Intelligentsia Cup

In the latest THW feature the squad's own Matthew Vandivort recaps the opening days of the Intelligentsia Cup in Chicago.

Tour de Millersburg Race Report

Team Health Warrior's Tom Hendry recaps his experiences at the races (and the petting zoo) at what is arguably the best stage race in the Northeast: Tour de Millersburg in lovely Millersburg, PA.
Richard Scudney earned a tire track tattoo at the Cascade Cycling Classic

Race Report: Altitude Blues at Cascade Cycling Classic

Team Health Warrior’s resident climber extraordinaire, Richard Scudney, packed his bags and headed west, hoping to strike gold at Oregon’s 37th annual Cascade Cycling Classic. What he found instead was stunning scenery and a near bout of altitude sickness.
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Race Recap: CRCA Points Race

While the 2016 road season may be approaching it's conclusion (#crossiscoming) the Central Park race calendar is surprisingly busy in August, including this past weekend's CRCA Power Points race. This meant yet another early morning for the squad with a breakfast fueled by Health Warrior before heading to Central Park. From that point things went a bit haywire when a significant number of marshals no-showed, delaying the start of the race and downgrading the format from Power Points to a plain old points race. Of course that's still more than a half dozen sprints, so it was going to be a tough day of racing regardless.
Team Health Warrior - Giro Del Cielo-1049

Giro del Cielo Crit Race Report

The Giro del Cielo stage race in New Jersey has long been one of our favorite events – one where the team has enjoyed great success from last year’s podium for Colin Tanner to a more than exciting sprint for second a few years ago. This year the squad rolled in full force across two different fields and after a great weekend of racing we walked away with several top ten results including fifth in the overall GC from Daghan Perker.
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Closing out the Rockleigh Series

It was a hot Thursday night of racing to close out the first Rockleigh Series of the summer as the squad went break hunting. Despite a few promising moves, the last of which was pulled back with just two to go, the race ended with a field sprint and the team walked away with a top ten finish. That and seventy plus miles in the saddle makes for a pretty solid weeknight of bikes in NYC (and New Jersey).
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Lou Maltese Memorial Race Report

Racing while sick is always a bad idea. I have been around for long enough to have learned this lesson many times over. But apparently I needed a reminder because despite feeling under the weather I was on the start line in Central Park at 5:30AM this past weekend for the Lou Maltese Memorial.
Killington Stage Race 2016

Killington Stage Race Report: The Solo Break

We’re now more than 2.5 hours into the race. We’ve ridden about 70 miles so far. We’ve got 10 to go. A break of seven riders was just reeled in and I scooted toward the front. We’ve got about two more miles to ride before I plan to launch the attack I’d been plotting, just before the last KOM.
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Dave Jordan Central Park Classic

Thanks to the CRCA there is a full schedule of races in Central Park, with the Dave Jordan Central Park Classic as the pinnacle of all of those events. From the community getting together to remember Dave, to the post race coffee and bagels to the thousands of dollars raised for the Century Road Club Development Foundation, it's a very special day on the bike.

White Plains Crit Race Report

It was a wet and wild edition of the White Plains Criterium Championship as a constant downpour both delayed and shortened the race. Despite some misadventures - including a flat tire and overshooting a corner into a parking lot - Daghan and Mat represented the Team Health Warrior colors well with Mat finishing on the New York State Criterium Championships podium.
Team Health Warrior - Bear Mountain -1013

Bear Mountain Classic Race Report

Bear is such a sick course to have a race on. This year it really lived up to expectations; 50 mph descents, crazy strong cross winds (the kind that knock you over), lots of climbing, and enough miles to hurt even the strongest of legs.
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Weekend Roll: A Central Park Podium and #ParktoPoolFondo

Summer has arrived. If a hot Thursday night of racing at the Rockleigh Crit didn't prove it Sunday's CRCA Club Race certainly did - for the first time the skies were bright for the early morning ride to Central Park, though if anything the city was more deserted than usual thanks to the long holiday weekend.
Photo Rhetoric - Rockleigh Number 1-1018

Rockleigh Crit 2016 Series Opener

With the 2016 Rockleigh Crit Series serving as a fundraiser in memory of Zach Koop we weren't going to miss it. It was a poignant start to the race as a large field completed two memorial laps followed by Zach's loved ones retiring his #1 race number. But as strange as it felt there was also a bike race to be held - and so before long we were riding in circles at approximately twenty seven miles per hour.
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Vino Fondo x THW

Of all of the potential conversations to have with my seventy two year old father, gearing strategies and cornering techniques for his first criterium would have fallen pretty low on my list of expected subject matter. Though reflecting on the past several months I probably should have anticipated this outcome.

Flatting at Mile 75: New Jersey Master's Road Race Championship

After missing last weekend's CRCA Orchard Beach Crit, and being inspired by the team's success at taking home wins in the 2/3 and 3/4 fields, I was eager to get a long road race under my belt, especially heading into Killington Stage Race over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. My far and wide search yielded this: The N.J. Masters State Road Race Championships. Being over 35, I'm officially a Master (thank you USA Cycling for the honorific title), and so was eligible to register.
Photo Rhetoric - CRCA May 21-1008

Sprinting, sprinting some more and then sprinting again

If you're going to complete a century before noon in New York City a CRCA Race in Central Park isn't a bad way to start. Fair warning though: when that race happens to be an 8.7 lap points race it's unlikely to be the easiest way to start your day. When the lap times for that race look something like this it's probably actually going to hurt quite a bit.

Orchard Beach Criterium: One Day and Two Victories

The CRCA Orchard Beach Criterium has always been friendly to Team Health Warrior. Back in 2013 it was THW’s Corey Morenz winning with a solo late race move. Then in the 2014 edition Colin Tanner took a similar win with a solo move. Last year it was Donovan Clarke’s turn with a hard fought field sprint victory that was also the site of Greg Addo’s famous “give it to me baby” video. However this year’s Orchard Beach Criterium topped all of these results as the squad took home not one, but two wins in a single day.
2016-05-07 - Poolesville Road Race-2029

Riding Dirty: Poolesville Road Race

I have raced long enough to know that toeing the start line while under the weather seldom leads to strong results. But even with that knowledge in hand I wasn’t expecting things to go quite so poorly for Saturday’s Poolesville Road Race.
Quabbin Resevoir Road Race-2007

Quabbin Resevoir Race Report

A few weeks back the squad headed North to the Quabbin Reservoir Road Race with a load of Health Warrior bars in tow. It was a tough day at the races but Team Health Warrior walked away with several strong results at the end of the day. Richard Scudney and Mathew Street their respective races.
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A look back at the 2016 Edition of the Rasputitsa Gravel Road Race

Weekend (Video) Roll: Flat tires, Horse Sh*t Alley and Prospect Park

A quick recap of the past weekend's race action, featuring too many flat tires, too much horse manure and video footage from Sunday's Lucarelli & Castaldi Series race in Prospect Park.
Photo Rhetoric - Cherry Blossom Weekend Roll-1016

Weekend Roll: Racing the Cherry Blossom Double

As a master of bad ideas on the bike, racing the CRCA / Cherry Blossom Challenge double is pretty tame compared to some of my other questionable decisions, be it following up a Prospect Park race with a 120 mile ride to the Hamptons or the whole getting lost in a State Park in Cali escapade. Of course last year's double featured ideal weather rather than the near-freezing temperatures and rain forecasted for the 2016 edition of the Cherry Blossom Challenge.
Team Health Warrior March 27 Weekend Roll-1009
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Weekend Roll: The Central Park / Prospect Park Double

Sleep. It's one of the few things missing from the New York City racing scene. Schedule permitting in NYC it's possible to race five days per week for significant portions of the season. However with Saturday and Sunday races generally ENDING before 8AM, it's tough to catch up on the ZZZZ's on weekends, especially on weekends with the Central Park / Prospect Park double.
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Weekend Roll: Week 3 THW VLOG from the Branchbrook Spring Series

Just another Saturday morning racing bikes and dodging crashes in Newark, New Jersey.
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Mixed Luck at Branchbrook

With a light race calendar in New York City this weekend, the squad headed across the river for the Branchbrook Spring Series. A decent weather forecast meant we lined up as part of a large field of one hundred plus riders. Unfortunately things went awry just a dozen minutes into the race when Roger Parmelee was crashed out and Colin Tanner bunny hopped a curb to avoid the wreck and wound up riding through the woods.

Grant's Tomb Criterium 2016

The Grant’s Tomb Criterium (#grantstombcrit) is something special. The fast course that can favor both breakaways and field sprinters depending on the conditions, the atmosphere with the entire NYC cycling community coming together for the first major race of the year with guest appearances from out of towners like our friends at Green Line Velo, the fact that CRCA volunteers and staff work from before dawn until after dark so they can run 13 fields (including four women’s only fields) — it all adds up to a very memorable day of racing.
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Looking Back: Grant's Tomb 2015

The CRCA Grant’s Tomb Criterium is both the first big race of the season and one of just two races left in NYC that takes place on city streets. As such the race plays a special role for the NYC cycling community.
Photo Rhetoric - Season Opener-4001

The Season Opener

It’s official. The 2016 season has arrived. And with it the first round of painfully early alarms. Races that start at first light may be one of those unique elements of racing in NYC but the combination of early morning races and March weather is rarely comfortable – today’s Century Road Club Association season opener was certainly on the brisk side.
Photo Rhetoric - Litchfield-120

Teamwork in Cycling

To the outside observer, cycling is very much an individual sport. The history, the stories, the imagery — most everything is centered around celebrating the idea of individual heroism. The fact of the matter is, nothing in cycling is accomplished in isolation. A single rider’s accomplishments in a race are almost always enabled by a strong and supportive team. In that sense, it’s probably most accurate to describe cycling as an individual sport practiced within the context of teams.
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New Feature: Gateway Cup 2015 Part II

Mat Street recounts his big season ending victory at Gateway Cup:
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Weekend Roll: Sunday at the Beach at #NoHoCX

Perhaps due to a combination of insufficient coffee consumption and two days of fast and furious racing my energy levels were running low on Sunday at Cycle-Smart International Cyclocross. So after capturing a few pics at the extended sand pit…
Team Health Warrior GMSR Scudney-510

The Interview: Richard Scudney and A Racer's Perspective on GMSR

As focus shifts to cyclocross season, we look back at the 2015 road season via an interview with Team Health Warrior's own Richard Scudney to discuss the challenges and dedication required to prepare for the Green Mountain Stage Race.What…
Gateway Cup Photos by Photo Rhetoric-532

New Feature: Gateway Cup - Part I

Matthew Vandivort recaps ending the 2015 road season at Gateway Cup:
Green Mountain Stage Race Photos-507

Green Mountain Stage Race Report by Robert Constantino

‘Not with a bang, but a whimper’ It was supposed to be the pinnacle of my season. It was the target I set at the beginning of the year. The Green Mountain Stage Race (GMSR), held over Labor Day weekend in northern Vermont, is New England’s…