Light and Shadow on a Friday Morning

The dark and frigid mornings of winter in NYC are sadly not far off, but until they arrive the THW squad is taking advantage of the last bit of fall weather, be it on River Road or a Friday morning cruise through Central Park as captured by the team’s own Matthew Vandivort.

Weekend Roll: Another Perfect Day on the Bike?

In hindsight I may have a tendency to declare too many rides a "perfect day on the bike." I almost certainly used that term somewhere in recapping our riding in Italy. And I'll almost certainly use it when describing our journey through France. And it has without a doubt come into play during more local explorations. But therein lies the beauty of the bike - it's ability to provide solace from the real world, it's ability to foster friendships formed over miles in the saddle and of course it's ability to allow you to consume inordinate quantities of food with teammates.

Riding while Fasting

While Yom Kippur may mandate a change in our schedules and certainly in our on the bike nutrition, it doesn't preclude us from sneaking in a few midday laps in Central Park - keeping the pace steady and storytelling along the way.

Red Hook Sprint Practice

This time of year we spend our weekday evenings playing cyclocross but it wasn’t so long ago that weeknights were spent either racing crits or sneaking in some sprint practice with some fellow NYC riders in Red Hook. A few images from the latter, from an evening with our friends from Team NYC Velo.
Photo Rhetoric - CX Practice-206
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Starting the Week with Cross Practice

Wednesday night may be the official evening of cross practice in NYC but with a slow week in the office, near perfect weather and the opening weekend of cyclocross just a few days away the timing was perfect for an impromptu evening of cyclocross.
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(Not the) Weekend Roll: Cyclocross Practice in NYC

As we tick off the final few road races of the year it’s increasingly #crossiscoming time. Which also means Wednesday night cyclocross practice has kicked off in New York City. While it’s largely an informal affair with plenty of time to catch up with friends and fellow racers, we also had National Champion Jeremy Powers join in the fun last year. We’ll just have to see whether we can top it in the coming year… (anyone have Wout’s phone number?)
Photo Rhetoric - Men of Leisure Ride -218

The Rules behind the Men of Leisure Ride

For the majority of the year the squad focuses on living the Health Warrior Way. We mix the demands of day jobs and the hustle and bustle of living in New York City with early mornings training and even earlier mornings racing bikes. Thankfully this at times intense athletic regime does not preclude the squad from the occasional (or perhaps more than occasional) night out on the town.
Photo Rhetoric - Coffee Ride-104

Friday Mornings are for Coffee Rides

August is definitively the perfect time of year for the Friday morning coffee run. When your fitness is still sharp enough to race the following day, but without the pressure of squeezing in another morning of structured training. Instead we'll slow roll a few laps, share a few laps and then spend as much time telling stories over coffee as we did riding. Not a bad way to spend the morning in New York City.
Photo Rhetoric - Bird Wedding-179

Weekend Roll: Exploring Litchfield, Connecticut

Over the half decade that Team Health Warrior has been riding and racing there have been many constants. Among them is exploring the mountains and backroads of Northwest Connecticut. Often times this has been part of the Tour of Litchfield Hills, where the team has raised more than $20,000 for cancer treatment. This past weekend our journey north from the city was for another reason altogether.
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The Interview: Ryan McGarrity on Coping with Injury

An interview with Team Health Warrior's Ryan McGarrity on the long and at times painful road back from injury.

Weekend Roll: Finding the NYC Race Rhythm

Casual followers of the THW site and Instagram feed may have begun to notice that the NYC racing scene has a certain rhythm to it, a predictable pattern involving several rites of passage. There are the Tuesday- and Thursday-night race series' at Floyd, the weekend Central Park and Prospect Park races that require inhumane wake-up times of 3:30 or 4:00am. There's also Thursday nights at Rockleigh, a crit series held just over the George Washington Bridge in Rockleigh, NJ.
Photo Rhetoric - Six Mile Run-1046
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New Feature: Six Mile Run

A perfect summer Saturday on the trails.

Friday Morning in NYC

As another weekend of racing arrives, so to does the usual Friday morning team ride in NYC.
Photo Rhetoric - Friday Morning Coffee-1004

Weekend Roll: Friday Morning is for Coffee Rides

With summer finally arriving and a busy weekend of racing on the calendar, Friday morning is now our official coffee ride.
Photo Rhetoric - Bedford Brevet-1009
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Weekend Roll: A Central Park Podium and #ParktoPoolFondo

Summer has arrived. If a hot Thursday night of racing at the Rockleigh Crit didn't prove it Sunday's CRCA Club Race certainly did - for the first time the skies were bright for the early morning ride to Central Park, though if anything the city was more deserted than usual thanks to the long holiday weekend.

ACME Bicycle Co Wednesday Coffee Rides

Earlier this year we interviewed Jonathan and Colin from ACME Bicycle Co on the art and science of fitting. Now with summer weather (finally) approaching ACME is kicking off weekly coffee rides. Every Wednesday meet at 8:30AM at Grand Army Plaza for a chill, no-drop pace for 1 hour. Then head back to the shop at 9:30 for bagels and coffee. All are welcome!
Photo Rhetoric - Hamptons Weekend Roll-2011
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Weekend Roll: Back to the Dirt Search

This time of year our Weekend Rolls are typically race focused. Telling tales of victories and (more often than not) defeats on the bike. However with a rare lull in the local race calendar I decided to pass on the Lime Rock Cycling Grand Prix (where Colin Tanner scored a very nice fourth place finish in dreadful weather conditions) and head East for a weekend at the beach. Even if it was far too cold to actually go to the beach.

This is a lot better than Central Park

Lots of guys not only from Team Health Warrior, but racers in NYC in general, find ways to make it out to the West Coast for a spate of riding in the California sun in the winter and early part of the racing season. Finally, my turn came for a bit of Best Coast goodness last week. Taking advantage of a work trip to the Bay Area and the Easter Holiday, I was able to string together four days of riding in San Francisco. The rains from the prior week had passed, and I lucked out with clear blue skies, temperatures in the mid 60s, and some of the most picturesque riding not only this country, but the world, has to offer.
San Francisco Riding-1026

Five Rides and a Wedding

With everyone getting out of town for the winter, I definitely felt a little left out that I wouldn’t be able to join in on all the sun and fun in SoCal. Just my luck that I recently was flown to Las Vegas to take place in a panel and on the way home was able to fit in a quick trip to SF to ride (and watch a good friend get married!)
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Fat Biking in Italy

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to join my family on a ski trip to celebrate my brother’s birthday. The destination was Cortina, D’Ampezzo in Italy. It’s a town famous for hosting 1956 Olympics sitting in the southern part of the Dolomites. I was super stoked when I saw some fat bikes at the ski rental place on the first day.

Cross(fit) is Coming

The memories of the “off” season are long distant. As the race season drew to a close after Gateway Cup last year, everyone on the team looked forward to something different. Cross for many, relaxing or casual coffee rides for others. I am a goal oriented athlete and need some form of competition or personal best to break to maintain my motivation. After a long race season I have generally had enough of the form that comes on two wheels, so I take the opportunity to pursue my other passion: picking things up and putting them down.
Dan Cleiman Cali-5025

February in New York City is hard

February in New York City is hard. Despite the warmer than usual temperatures this winter, the reduced hours of sunshine always gets to me. So it was without hesitation that Meghan (CityMD Racing) and I got ourselves organized for a long weekend in the sun. And while this is my sixth year in a row heading out to Cali, the reasonably priced flights (bikes fly for $50 on JetBlue and Virgin America) coupled with the more than likely good weather and fantastic roads can’t be easily beaten.
Photo Rhetoric - Team Ride-5009

Weekend Roll: No Chain Days

Under blue skies the Sunday team ride took on a quicker pace and joined by a few of our friends from CityMD Women's Racing the miles ticked by on what was - at this early stage in the season - one of the best days I have had on the bike this year. Not bad for a random Sunday in March.

Weekend Roll: Race Season Eve

I still can not believe that the road season is only 3 days away. And, that there are at least 3 races listed around NYC for the opening weekend. That said, last weekend we were blessed to have a 60F degree day to open up the legs.
Richard Scudney in Palm Springs-4004

On the Road: Tan Lines and Hill Climbs in Palm Springs

With the weather in NYC in the single digits and the race season starting in a few weeks, what better way to beat the trainer than to go out west in search of some pain in the sunshine.
Photo Rhetoric - Team Ride 2016-02-20 -4002
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Weekend Roll: Dirt Trails and Sixty Degrees in February

After some less than ideal weather left us largely trapped indoors for President’s Weekend the forecast fortunately took a distinct turn for the better this past weekend. With highs near sixty and blue skies for at least part of the weekend it was easy to ride long and hard
Photo Rhetoric - Litchfield-120

Teamwork in Cycling

To the outside observer, cycling is very much an individual sport. The history, the stories, the imagery — most everything is centered around celebrating the idea of individual heroism. The fact of the matter is, nothing in cycling is accomplished in isolation. A single rider’s accomplishments in a race are almost always enabled by a strong and supportive team. In that sense, it’s probably most accurate to describe cycling as an individual sport practiced within the context of teams.

Weekend Roll: Just trying to Survive in NYC

Just another weekend, trying to survive winter in New York City. Counting down the days (or months) until Spring...
Mountain Biking in Wales-1030
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New Feature: Beic Mynydd - Mountain Biking in Wales

Living in NYC but with my family back Wales, UK, I couldn’t skip another Christmas. I was lucky enough last time to ride from San Fran to LA, but it had been 18 months since I’d seen familiar shores.
Photo Rhetoric - 2016-02-06 Team Ride-1008

Weekend Roll: Winter Wonderland in NYC

Unfortunately it looks like our luck with the winter weather may be taking a turn for the worse, but in the meantime we're taking advantage of every blue sky and warm(ish) day we can.
Photo Rhetoric - Pre-Vacation Team Ride-1001
Mountain Biking in Miami - 004
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Mountain Biking In Miami

I was lucky enough to head down to Miami on the first extremely cold day in NYC. Even though the trip was only three days long it was a nice quick escape from 12 degree weather. Also, there’s nothing better than riding in shorts and getting your teammates jealous.
Photo Rhetoric - New Year Team Ride-3002

Weekend Roll: Shaking Out the Holiday Cobwebs

After a long cyclocross season and New Years weekend on the trails I suppose this past week marked the start of my 2016 road campaign. Though in fairness I’m going on vacation sans bike in less than a week, so maybe this is more of a warm-up for the start of the season.
Photo Rhetoric - NYE in the Hamptons Weekend Roll-1023
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Weekend Roll: New Year's on the Trails

With a late start we knew we were going to be racing a setting sun home. We just didn’t expect to lose by this much. Yet somehow we found ourselves on the trails of Eastern Long Island with the last light of 2015 fading over the horizon and several miles still to ride before getting home.
Photo Rhetoric - Weekend Roll In Missouri-1017
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Weekend Roll: Riding the Rivers of Missouri before the Waters Rose

25 feet. That’s how deep underwater we’d be on these roads after the nearby rivers flooded their banks following three days of continuous, relentless rain. Even some of the towering levees we rode on top of are facing the threat of being submerged as the Meramec River looks set to rise more than 36 feet over just a few days to a new record. And yet the holiday weekend in Saint Louis started so pleasantly, with little hint of what was to come…