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How to Help Women’s Reproductive Rights

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Which Women’s Rights Are At Risk?

Although women’s reproductive rights are protected by law in the United States, there is still a fear that these rights may become jeopardized. In particular, this may happen to women of color who are often not afforded equal protection under the law. Other at-risk groups of woman include single parents, undocumented women and transgendered people.

What Can I Do to Help Protect Women’s Rights?

One of the main concerns is that rape cases are often not taken seriously. In order to help women in these instances, you can write letters to the police or participate in a speak out. You can also join protests against sexual violence.

How Have These Changes Affected Women (and Men)?

The reproductive rights of women have been and still are changing. The changes in these rights can be seen in the ever-growing number of states that are passing laws on abortion, pornography, contraception, and gender identity.

Who Is Both Responsible and To Blame for Changes in Women’s Rights?

Women’s reproductive rights have been under attack since the beginning of time. Although men bear most of the responsibility for the restrictions in women’s reproductive rights, women are also to blame for their own losses. Despite this, there is a solution in which we can work together to change these outcomes.

So What Now?

So what now? I’ll leave you to decide that for yourself. For now, let’s start with the first step: educate yourself and others. There are many resources available online and in print on this topic. You can also search your state’s laws to find specific information about your current rights and how they relate to other women around the world.


In the article, the author discusses how easy it is to be a woman in our society and how this has contributed to the lack of reproductive rights for women. It also discusses how feminism has not been able to fix these problems due to their focus on the physical well-being of women. To help solve these problems, the author provides examples of counter models that have helped promote a healthier model where women’s reproductive rights are fully recognized.

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